Healthy Vegan Pizza Lunch


If I could eat greasy vegan pizza every day without gaining an enormous amount of weight, I would do it. If you’re a regular here I think you might have noticed an obsessive pattern by now! 

I often find myself caught between the worlds of vegan junk food and healthy vegan nutrition. I love them both but realize that the latter is more beneficial for my overall well-being. Is there such a thing as healthy, nutritional pizza? The answer is YES! 

This is one of my favorite lunches and even though it’s healthy it still gives you that sinful junk food vibe! I use a whole grain tortilla for the crust, add pizza sauce, all kinds of vegetables (I love topping mine with potatoes and black beans), and top with a tiny bit of vegan parmesan cheese. I serve it with a bunch of greens and voila! I have the perfect lunch! 

You can easily add some more traditional vegan cheese to yours- I’m just a weirdo who prefers mine without. 


Green Protein-Rich Vegan Smoothie Bowl


I love experimenting with new recipes and when I first heard about edamame beans in smoothie bowls, I was a bit skeptical. After trying it myself I am officially a convert. 

The edamame itself does add any noticeable flavor to the smoothie; it does however pack it with much need protein that fills you up. I had a hard time finishing mine and for those who are familiar with my appetite, that says a lot! 

This smoothie bowl contains the following: edamame beans, fresh spinach, frozen mango, a banana, and oat milk. For the topping, I added my homemade granola, hemp seeds, chia seeds, chopped almonds, and a sliced apple! 

Do you guys have recommendations for making your smoothie bowls more filling? Please share in the comments! I’m pretty new to the smoothie bowl world! 


Vegan Food Guide – Tallinn, Estonia


I had an amazing experience recently when I visited Tallinn, Estonia! The beautiful, well-perserved city is worth the visit, especially since it contains an abundance of vegan options.   

In addition to vegan pizza, here are some of my favorites

Vegankohvik Inspiratsioon

I loved the vegan café vibe here. The interior was cozy, bohemian, and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in. 

My boyfriend and I started out with a Snickers smoothie with peanut butter and date syrup. It was a wholesomely sweet and salty delight – what’s not to love? I will definitely be tinkering around with recreating it at home. 

For our main course I had a vegetable quinoa curry while my boyfriend had a vegan burger. We thought the burger was especially delicious as it was colorful and artfully presented on its plate. For desert we had tiramisu and blueberry matcha cakes.  

Pagari 1 / Lai 44 , 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Veg Machine Balta  

“Veg Machine Balta”, a greasy junk food stand in a food court. I ordered the loaded fries with crispy vöner meat. The girl working at the stand was extremely friendly and offered to change all of our small coins Jackson had from busking. Definitely worth a stop as the food hall itself has a plethora of vegan options. 

Kopli 1, Tallinn, Estonia

As I try to travel on a budget, most of meals consisted of oat milk, oats, and other store-bought vegan staples. Although I didn’t get to try as many vegan restaurants as I would have liked, the small taste of Tallinn I already experienced has left me hungry for more. I’m sure I will visit and blog about Tallinn again! 


Vegan Zucchini-Carrot Veggie balls


I recently made Danish “Frikadeller” my way. My version doesn’t really resemble the traditional kind as it doesn’t contain pork. Something about a cruelty-free, vegan dish makes it taste better than the original. 

These are very simple to make and go perfectly with traditional Danish sides like potatoes, gravy, salad, and bread. 

Hope you enjoy my vegan version of a Danish classic!


Roasted Vegan Butternut Squash with Filling


I’ve really been on a butternut squash kick recently. I like going simple by cutting one in half and roasting it in the oven with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. 

For a delightful little touch I recently tried topping one with mushrooms, snack peppers, and spinach. After adding some chili mayo on top I was in heaven! 

This lazy meal is delicious, simple, and filling! 


Oil and Sugar Free Granola – The Best Granola Recipe Ever


This granola is so tasty that even after eating it almost every single day for the last 6 months, I’m still not tired of it. The process of making it is also enjoyable as it produces that nice baking aroma (people are always telling me how good it smells!).  

This is a plant-based recipe without the added-sugar found in most store-bought granolas. Its also a great way to get rid of any and all nuts lying around in your pantry. 

Enjoy! I like to eat my granola on top of oatmeal, chia puddings, yogurt, as well as just grabbing a handful out of the mason jar now and then. 


5 Ways Veganism Improved my Life


I could ramble endlessly about how much veganism means to me and why I think it will change your would and well, that’s what I do on this blog! Here is a personal top five list to feed your clickbait addiction! 

#1 Veganism forced me to discover new fruits and vegetables. I have a newfound love for pomelo, mango, butternut squash, eggplant, green kale, oranges, and rhubarbs! I also discovered the joys of dried fruit (especially coconut) 

#2 Veganism has brought me closer to myself. I really identify with everything being a vegan stands for and it brings me a great deal of peace knowing that’s what I am. We all struggle with finding our inner-truths and how to live them and I have found mine.  

#3 Becoming healthier is almost unavoidable when switching to a plant-based lifestyle. I actually crave vegetables now! 

#4 My choice to become a vegan has caused a domino effect and caused others to change their lives. My family is now almost completely vegan and many of my friends are much more open to different foods. I know my blog will continue to influence others and make a tangible difference. 

#5 I have lost weight and am now able to do much more physical activity. I now do yoga and have run several half-marathons- something I couln’t have imagined a few years ago. 


The Best Vegan Scrambled Tofu Recipe


If you like a protein dense breakfast but don’t want to eat eggs this recipe will be a life saver. This is one of my favorite breakfasts as it’s easy to eat with lots of vegetables. The texture is very similar to scrambled eggs and if you add black salt it’s hard to tell the difference. 

You can add all kind of vegetables to your scrambled tofu but my favorites are red bell peppers, mushrooms, and fresh spinach. It goes well with ketchup but I prefer to engulf mine in salsa (I’m a salsa freak, sorry not sorry). 

Enjoy it on rye bread, toast bread, or as is! Don’t forget the salsa! 😉 


Vegan Avocado Basil Zoodles


Hi guys <33

I know my recipes are always good, but man, I’ve really been knocking it out of the park recently. I made this bowl of zucchini noodles (from now on to be known as zoodles) for lunch the other day and it tasted heavenly! The fat creamy avocado dressing goes divinely with the salty sundried tomatoes. When mixed with zoodles the result is to die for!

I suggest using a spiralizer to make your zoodles, although cutting them into thin pieces works as well. Spiralizers can be pretty expensive and you should only invest in one if you think you’re going to use it. I have a cheap one I use exclusively for zucchini and carrots and could ultimately live without it. 

Please let me know how yours turned out!

Big Hugs 

I Ran a Half-marathon!


I recently ran the “Lillebælt” half-marathon! It was a beautiful experience as the route was a combination of ocean, forest, and field views. It was a nice mixture of flat and hilly and had many water stations on the way to keep runners hydrated. It wasn’t my first half-marathon, but man, it was challenging! I was in decent running shape when I signed up but knew that I would need to condition myself with plenty of long runs beforehand.

I started the run shooting for a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes; although I felt that was an unrealistic time as I am still new to half-marathons. The first 8 kilometers flew by as the adrenaline spurred on by the audience cheering piper me in high gear. 

After reaching 9 kilometers my legs being to prematurely feel weak and tired. I psyched myself up and kept pace with the 2:15 speed holders until the 16 kilometer mark before deciding to run at my own tempo. 

I fought hard to suppress the nagging voice in my head that told me to slow down and walk. My stubbornness and perseverance paid off as I crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 59 seconds! 

The joy I felt after barely reaching my goal (thinking all along that I’d come nowhere near it) is indescribable! Unfortunately, I fell a bit sick after the race as I was dehydrated and had some uneven blood distribution in my upper body. After forcing myself to eat I felt much better, albeit exhausted. 

Half-marathons give me confidence, positive emotions, and delightful rushes of adrenaline. When I was running I kept telling myself over and over “I’m never going to do this to myself again”. But that sentiment completely disappeared the second I crossed the finish line. 

Anyone else run half-marathons?