Shop Swimwear and Clean our Oceans

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I really like the online clothing company TWOTHIRDS and I’m very impressed by their new swimwear collection. Their swimsuits are cute, comfortable, and is a good fit to any kind of body type.

Obviously, everything is vegan and (even better) made from plastic fisherman’s nets and plastic bottles found in the ocean! So by buying a TWOTHIRDS swimsuit you contributes ever so slightly to cleaning up our oceans. 

Everything is made by workers in the EU which means the people who produced your swimsuit are being treated and paid fairly. We really need to make ethical choices as consumers as the industry practices of now are abysmal and need systemic change. Why not start with looking fabulous on the beach?

I bought one of these swimsuits, can you guess which one?


Life is to Happy to Wear Uncomfortable Underwear!

Minimalism, Sustainability

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There is nothing I hate more than itchy, ill-fitting, synthetic fiber underwear. I have wasted so much money on underwear that only served to make my poor body uncomfortable. I cannot express in words how much discomfort that itchy, sweaty underwear felling leaves me with.

I want my underwear to be made out of comfortable fabric and made with sustainable, minimalist principles in mind. I’m so over leopard print, bows, and pink laces. Fortunately, I’ve discovered Organic Basics, a Danish company that produces sustainable, organic underwear made in European factories.

I had to order the Red Nude Triangle Bra as soon as I saw it. Everything is so comfortable, well-made, and affordable; a much wiser investment than the generic garbage peddled at H&M. Their men section is also great. I dream of my boyfriend in this pair of grey boxers

I have a DISCOUNT CODE with a 15% discount: organicbasicsxpa15 – And there is free shipping all over Europe. GO CRAZY

pst.. If you order now you will get a free sustainable bamboo toothbrush!!