Tips to Minimise your Wardrobe


Minimising my wardrobe has been a euphoric, otherworldly experience for me. I now seldom feel anxious, insecure, or despondent about what I’m wearing for the day. When you only own your favorite outfits, you will always feel comfortable and dressed for success! Here are some tips on getting over the inevitable psychological hurdles you’ll face along the way. 

#1 Sort all of your clothes that you’ve given a subconscious “what if” label into a pile. Examples include “What if I got invited to a wedding with a butterfly print dress code”, “What if I lose 10kg”, “What if I went backpacking in east Asia and these elephant hippie pants come in handy”, and my favorite “What if I changed my style to punk”. I can answer all these what if’s with a big fat NO! Don’t keep holding onto clothes that you have squirrelled away for some intangible future daydream. Cut your wardrobe down to clothes that will enable you to live your dream today! 

#2 Everything that itches, feels tight, weird, too heavy, or just plain uncomfortable- just give it away! Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes and you’ll look way more attractive wearing things you feel comfortable in! 

#3 Get rid of torn/broken clothing. If your favorite t-shirt has an ink stain or your favorite jeans are torn to the point of your thighs touching then get rid of them. Contrary to popular sentiment, clothing is incapable of experiencing emotions and the nostalgia you associate with a certain pair of underwear is all in your head. If you absolutely can’t part with something due to sentimental reasons, consider re-purposing it (a pair of jeans can be sown into a tote, an old t-shirt can be fashioned into a pillow case).  

#4 Consider what you actually wear. Most of us tend to gravitate towards the same outfits over and over again. If you don’t wear it that often, you probably aren’t that fond of it. Give it to a thrift store where it will find an owner that will put it to good use! 

#5 Every time you get something new, you have to get rid of something. I have decided that I will only ever own 5 pairs of shoes – Running shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals, and a pair of flip-flops. If I want new sneakers, I have to give up my old ones. If you live in a consistent year-round climate (like the tropics or tundra) you could most likely cut this number down (Denmark has consistently unpredictable, bad weather all year so I think 5 pairs of shoes is justified).


6 Tips to start your Minimalism Journey

  • There aren’t any hard rules, so you can make your own and be a minimalist in your own way. Start by asking yourself why you want to start this journey. You need to be passionate and curious to get the best start. 
  • Start small. Make a habit to question everything you want to buy. Do you really need it? Or is it an impulsive buy? Leave what you want to buy at the store and come back if you can find a legitimate reason to buy it. Some stores might put the item aside for you while you think.
  • Look at your wardrobe. Clothes and shoes are items that most of us own too many of. A way to start is: make three piles: keeping, maybe keeping and getting rid of. Put everything in the maybe pile in a bag and store it somewhere out of sight. If you miss or need something you can easily retrieve it. If you don’t you can give it to someone whom it will bring more joy to. After a three-month period, try sorting again. You will be surprised how much you can live without. 
  • Change your mindset about sales and online shopping. Commercials and sales are designed in a way to trick our brains into buying something we don’t need. I avoid big retail sales (like Black Friday), and I give anything I buy online serious thought and consideration. Waiting a week is a good practice before ordering something. I know lots of people shop online when they are bored. That’s just a giant money pit! If you find yourself bored with the urge to shop pull up YouTube instead and get some fresh motivation by watching videos on minimalism.
  • If you just can’t control your “shopaholic panic”, go to thrift stores. They are often filled with things few people want to buy and it will take longer to find those unique pieces (thus, giving you much more satisfaction than easily picking something off the rack at H&M). Since this takes longer, your “shopaholic panic” will probably be gone after one store.
  • Adopt the mindset: Quality rather than quantity. Instead of having 10 cheaply made sweaters that will soon be worn out and discolored,  invest in a well-made, durable one from a sustainable company. Having one great sweater you put thought and consideration into buying will give you more satisfaction than 10 pairs of “arhh, they are cheap and go with my pants” sweaters.  😉