5 Ways Veganism Improved my Life


I could ramble endlessly about how much veganism means to me and why I think it will change your would and well, that’s what I do on this blog! Here is a personal top five list to feed your clickbait addiction! 

#1 Veganism forced me to discover new fruits and vegetables. I have a newfound love for pomelo, mango, butternut squash, eggplant, green kale, oranges, and rhubarbs! I also discovered the joys of dried fruit (especially coconut) 

#2 Veganism has brought me closer to myself. I really identify with everything being a vegan stands for and it brings me a great deal of peace knowing that’s what I am. We all struggle with finding our inner-truths and how to live them and I have found mine.  

#3 Becoming healthier is almost unavoidable when switching to a plant-based lifestyle. I actually crave vegetables now! 

#4 My choice to become a vegan has caused a domino effect and caused others to change their lives. My family is now almost completely vegan and many of my friends are much more open to different foods. I know my blog will continue to influence others and make a tangible difference. 

#5 I have lost weight and am now able to do much more physical activity. I now do yoga and have run several half-marathons- something I couln’t have imagined a few years ago. 


The Best Vegan Scrambled Tofu Recipe


If you like a protein dense breakfast but don’t want to eat eggs this recipe will be a life saver. This is one of my favorite breakfasts as it’s easy to eat with lots of vegetables. The texture is very similar to scrambled eggs and if you add black salt it’s hard to tell the difference. 

You can add all kind of vegetables to your scrambled tofu but my favorites are red bell peppers, mushrooms, and fresh spinach. It goes well with ketchup but I prefer to engulf mine in salsa (I’m a salsa freak, sorry not sorry). 

Enjoy it on rye bread, toast bread, or as is! Don’t forget the salsa! 😉 


Vegan Alfredo Spaghetti with Spinach


Hi Guys ❤

This is a great vegan comfort food I serve to friends who say they can’t live without cheese as it is delightfully sticky and satisfying. If you know someone on the fence keep reading! 

This recipe uses my cheese sauce (you can find the recipe here). I usually make a large batch so I can use it again in a different recipe later in the week. 

… and don’t forget that my cheese sauce basically is made out of potatoes and cashews! Healthy as f***! 😉


The Best Vegan Lasagna Recipe


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a classic Italian-style lasagna! I make mine for my family on Saturday nights and everyone loves it. As it is completely vegan it is much healthier than the traditionally greasy, calorie-laden varieties found in restaurants and grocery freezer aisles. 

Find my oil free “cheese” sauce recipe here


Vegan Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate and Walnuts


This Banana ice cream taste amazing. The sweetness from the bananas goes perfectly with the bitter dark chocolate and the crunchy walnuts! I made this bowl the other day when I was craving sugar. It’s such a healthy meal that you can eat it for breakfast and still get a healthy start of your day! Big bonus.

I will serve this as a dessert next time I’m having guest over. It’s so simple, easy, and will be loved by non-vegans too!

Wholesome Vegan Naan Bread


My favorite part of going out to an Indian restaurant is the Naan bread! I love gluten and would never dream of ordering an Indian meal without it. We frequently cook Indian inspired meals at home yet have never really tried to make Naan bread (the ones at the store are filled with eggs and gross whey milk powder). That is until my sister nipped our Naan-less Indian nights in the bud and came up with this simple recipe! 

I hope you enjoy these Indian-inspired flatbreads! They’re perfect for your next family Indian night or dinner party!


LAZY VEGAN STIR FRY #5 // Whole Grain Noodles with Chickpeas


If I where to become a crazy cat lady living on my own, I would live on stir-fry dinners exclusively. It’s easy, significantly decreases food waste, and always ends up tasting amazing. 

I made this plate with whole grain noodles, oven-roasted chickpeas, avocado, and a frozen stir-fry mix with spinach. Perfect for meals when you need to hit those sweet-spot satisfaction levels. 

What are your stir-fry recipes, techniques, and philosophies? Share them in the comments below!


Weight Loss Wednesday // Week five – SOS


My little weight loss journey has been a horrific nightmare! I was super motivated when I first got the idea, but after a few weeks I feel that my mind has been warped by food anxiety. I thought it was a good idea to share my journey with the world, but the pressure has led me to develop problems with self-control and overeating. 

Although I really tried to not let the diet mentality consume me, I couldn’t resist the all-to-common patterns of self-loathing and poor body image most of us have dealt with in the past. After setting a goal for myself, I found myself in a cycle of bouts strict dieting followed by binge eating. 

A few days ago I decided to stop this madness and go back to eating based on my intuitive cravings. I feel like a weight has been lifted as I am no longer starving myself nor overeating. 

I must conclude that, try as I might to be immune, the modern weight loss mentality is a pit of despair and futility. Eating will always be a part of our lives and we cannot think of our health and weight as a checkpoint in a video game. I will try not to be swindled again by Instagram-esq body obsession and instead simply focus on eating whole, plant-based foods whenever I’m hungry. 


Weight Loss Wednesday // Week four – Eating Habits thoughts

I was served this vegan lentil dish on a traditional german restaurant and it tasted amazing!

I have lifestyle choices regarding food that I need to work on. I have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde relationship with food as during the week I am a paradigm of good choices but, as soon as the weekends hits, I become a ravenous monster devouring any ice cream, chips, and any other heavily saturated snack food that comes my way. 

I recently spent a weekend at a family reunion for my boyfriend’s family in Kiel, Germany. As most of us who’ve been to these type of gatherings can attest, much food and drink was served. Fortunately, though I was able to partake in a decent amount of merrymaking, I was able to somewhat control myself as most of the food served wasn’t vegan. We went to a few different restaurants where I ordered vegan entrees full of vegetables (I mean, what else are non-vegan restaurants going to serve?). Being on a somewhat of a vacation, I indulged in a few beers and desserts as well as stocking up on some vegan goodies that can only be found in German supermarkets. 

Alas, though I genuinely enjoyed my time in Kiel, I wish to be less impulsive and more cognizant about my food habits. I want to eat more slowly, listen to my body signals, and make healthier snack choices.