LAZY VEGAN STIR FRY #4 – Tomato Veggie Pasta


I grew up being told that pasta is junk food and should only be eaten rarely. Fortunately, research has shown that moderate amounts are still healthy and can be consumed while losing weight. Nothing beats treating myself to lunch with a bowl of whole grain pasta with veggies.  

Nutritional Yeast is a great cheese substitute as it has a cheesy flavour and melts easily. AND it contains B-12, which is an important supplement to take as a vegan


Nutritional Yeast is da Bomb


Nutritional Yeast makes it really easy to stick to a vegan diet. It’s the BEST cheese supplement I’ve found. It melts easily and has a wonderful, creamy, nutty, and well, cheesy flavour to it. I use it in pasta, sauces, or in my morning chickpea flour omelet.

Nutritional yeast is also really high in nutrition. The flakes contain B-vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, iron, and a beta.-1.3 glycan which can improve your immune system and lower your cholesterol. As a vegan, it’s really important to take B-12 supplement, as you can’t get it from plants. A lot of non-vegans are B-12 deficient as well, so it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have it in your kitchen.  

You can buy Nutritional Yeast in health stores or online here (Danish affiliate link) or here (U.S.affiliate link)