Something About Living a Year in a Symbioses


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a romantic (hidden under mynonchalant facade) so I will dedicate this post to writing about my one andonly valentine Jackson. We met in 2017 at a Hostel in Montreal. We quicklyfound we had good chemistry (hostel style) and 8 months later he came to Berlinto find me.

When we met each other again we almost immediately became a couple and moved in to a 6 square meter room in an apartment together (with 3 random, creepy roommates). Our relationship progressed quickly and although we hit the usual early turbulence that couples face when they move in together, we realised we’re perfect for each other.

In the year we have been together we haven’t spent more than5 weeks apart. Jackson is the most fun, inspiring, and pleasant person to be around-I never get sick of spending time together! He always supports meunconditionally and knowing that he has my back makes me feel safer than I haveever felt.  

Although we have already travelled and experienced so muchtogether, I know our adventures are barely getting started! We are going tomove together to the United States and live our minimalist lifestyle in a smallSUV that we will call home (#vanlife but in a more fuel-efficient crossoverSUV). I can’t wait for all this to happen and I’m so grateful to have met mysoul mate in a time and place I least expected it. I feel like I’ve won thelottery of life and could not be happier!