How to Spend More Time Away From Your Phone


I think most of us can relate to the feeling of being swallowed up by our phone’s screen for hours. My boyfriend recently gave me the nickname “Phone Zombie” (he loves to self-righteously mention that he doesn’t even own a smartphone). NOT FLATTERING. I think its problematic when we get sucked into a virtual world and forget to be presence in our “real” world (no, I don’t believe we’re living in a computer simulation run by alien overlords). Below are some habits I created for myself; maybe you can find them useful too.  

  • No phones or electronics in the bedroom

My Boyfriend and I made this rule for 2019 and it has significantly cut down on our screen time. We have invested in an old-fashioned alarm clock so we don’t have to use my smartphone as an alarm (I am not going to mention the model or brand of my smartphone because major electronic companies are a problematic detriment to society and the environment and don’t want to give corporations free advertising). Its so easy to waste hours of precious sleep time by scrolling endlessly through Instagram and Facebook. After I stopped taking the phone to the bedroom I’ve found myself reading a lot more before bedtime. Reading is important to me, and doing before bed really helps me fall asleep.   

  • Clean up who you follow on Instagram

I recently did some spring-cleaning in regards to my social media accounts. I started by un-following people who weren’t inspiring me. If you’re following someone just because they’re rich and famous and want a peak into their lifestyle, maybe you should un-follow them. I’ve found that by following fewer people I’m not using Instagram as much because there just isn’t as much garbage on my feed.

  • Install an app to control how much time you use.

I try to follow a rule where I only use my phone two hours a day. I have an app called “Moment” that helps me track my self-allotted time (and overtime) per day. I always experience a nagging sense of shame whenever I go over, so it’s a great way to discipline yourself.

  • Start crocheting  (or another creative hobby)

After seeing a friend´s picture of crotchet make-up removers she made herself, I became inspired to start doing it myself. I love to do it when I’m using public transport, watching TV, or even having light conversations with friends and family.

  • Stop taking your phone to the table

Leave the phone in your bag! There is nothing more unattractive than someone texting at a restaurant or the family dinner table. It’s so rude to use your phone while you’re supposed to be having quality time with friends and loved ones. My boyfriend and I are constantly noticing when friends and family do this and it feels like we’re being robbed of human interaction.  

*When you clean up your Instagram REMEMBER TO KEEP FOLLOWING ME (unless I’m a complete inspirational failure ;))