What to do When You’re Missing Your Partner


It’s no secret that my boyfriend is my favorite person and there is no one I would rather spend all my time with! Nontheless, he is a street performer who travels around Europe performing on the streets. As I currently have a full-time job here in Denmark, I can’t always travel with him. This past spring, he traveled to the Baltic countries while I stayed home working. It was well, a difficult time for me. While it is normal to miss your partner like that, sometimes our situation dictate that we learn ways to cope with it in a healthy, positive way.   

Here are some tips on enjoying your alone time for when you and your partner are apart. 

#1 Binge on Netflix series your partner doesn’t like. Jackson only wants to watch documentaries and horror movies but I love all things fantasy like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. As soon he leaves I gear up for a marathon of my all-time favorites!  

#2 Hang out with other people! Most of us see our friends less when our partner is around (not that that is necessarily their fault). We all want to take the initiative because it naturally becomes less of a habit when our partner is our main person. I enjoy going on weekend trips to visit my out of town friends- it really makes time fly! 

#3 Find or rediscover a new hobby. I have always been a big reader but when Jackson is home we spend most of our nights listening to true crime podcasts. When he’s away I get to spend hours with my head stuck in new books and I can easily digest two or three per week. It’s nice having the time to yourself to figure out what you enjoy doing in your free time. 

#4 Make your favorite foods! Stupid as it sounds, my boyfriend and I often argue about what to eat. We also have different eating habits and in general it can be hard to find something that works for both of us. When I’m by myself I can make all the vegan dishes I want without have to think about his needs or objections! 

#5 Start new habits. If you live with your partner you will probably have developed a unique set of small rituals. Start every morning with some light yoga and stretching, listen to the radio while cooking breakfast, listen to a special podcast on a long walk, make popcorn every Sunday night, etc. Small rituals and habbits make everything go by more quickly.  

Focus on the positive instead of your inevitable sad feelings. It’s always okay to have a sad day; just don’t dwell on them! You’ll be with your partner before you know it, healthier than before due to the time you’ve spent apart. 

Are any of you in long-distance relationships? If so I would love to hear your advice on how to handle when you go from two to one.