I Ran a Half-marathon!


I recently ran the “Lillebælt” half-marathon! It was a beautiful experience as the route was a combination of ocean, forest, and field views. It was a nice mixture of flat and hilly and had many water stations on the way to keep runners hydrated. It wasn’t my first half-marathon, but man, it was challenging! I was in decent running shape when I signed up but knew that I would need to condition myself with plenty of long runs beforehand.

I started the run shooting for a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes; although I felt that was an unrealistic time as I am still new to half-marathons. The first 8 kilometers flew by as the adrenaline spurred on by the audience cheering piper me in high gear. 

After reaching 9 kilometers my legs being to prematurely feel weak and tired. I psyched myself up and kept pace with the 2:15 speed holders until the 16 kilometer mark before deciding to run at my own tempo. 

I fought hard to suppress the nagging voice in my head that told me to slow down and walk. My stubbornness and perseverance paid off as I crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 59 seconds! 

The joy I felt after barely reaching my goal (thinking all along that I’d come nowhere near it) is indescribable! Unfortunately, I fell a bit sick after the race as I was dehydrated and had some uneven blood distribution in my upper body. After forcing myself to eat I felt much better, albeit exhausted. 

Half-marathons give me confidence, positive emotions, and delightful rushes of adrenaline. When I was running I kept telling myself over and over “I’m never going to do this to myself again”. But that sentiment completely disappeared the second I crossed the finish line. 

Anyone else run half-marathons?


Something About Running


Two years ago I experienced genuine joy while exercising for the first time in my life. Exercising used to be a tedious chore I only did to loose weight. I would find myself in this unhealthy rhythm of over-exercising followed by not exercising at all. When I would inevitably screw up my diet (as anyone on a diet is bound to do at some point) I would lose my motivation and stop altogether.

I have been consistently running for the past years and have been jogging every morning for the past three months. Last year I ran the Berlin Half Marathon and I’m attending another one here in Denmark this May.

The thing I love about running is that (in my case) it always takes me outside and breathing fresh air. It’s something I do alone so I get 30 minutes everyday to myself where I am left alone to process my own thoughts.

Instead of coffee or energy drinks, my morning boost comes from a 30 minute jog. There is something therapeutic about something so basic, simple, and natural (basically what our human bodies are designed to do).

In addition to being physically exhausting, a half-marathon also requires a lot of mental strength. As I trained, I learned how powerful a positive attitude and an insatiable will can be. By focusing and controlling my thoughts, I was able to trick my body into doing more than I ever thought was possible. Nothing beats crossing the finish line after 21.09 km (13.10 miles)! The indescribable feelings of pride, self-possession, and triumph I experienced afterwards marked a huge checkpoint on my journey of self-improvement.