Vegan Treasures from Germany


Hi guys <33

From the vantage point of Denmark, Germany is a vegan’s paradise. Whenever I traverse the border I make sure to stock up on an assortment of sweets like cakes and chocolate spread. 

On my most recent trip I went to REWE (probably the most  ubiquitous grocery chain in Germany) which carries Veganz products (Veganz also has its own standalone shop in Berlin if you’re ever there). I love Veganz’ spongy chocolate muffins which are a steal for €1.50. Another chocolate favorite of mine are the “Waffleschnitte Hasselnuss” waffle bites. They are bit-sized and delicious! I also love the delightfully juxtaposed sweet and sour lemon custard sandwich cookies. You should heed my warning and enjoy these in moderation and responsibly instead of binge eating an entire package like I did the other night.

Last but not least, I love REWE’s own vegan chocolate nougat spread. It’s just nougat, chocolate, and hazelnut- an oldie but a goodie! 


The One Materialistic, Evil, Wasteful Company I Love


I try to spend my money buying sustainable, vegan, and local products from ethical companies. I’m very aware of my power as a consumer so I only want to support companies I can vouch for. But no one is perfect and everyone has a weakness…

When I lived in Berlin I worked for Starbucks as a barista. I had some wonderful colleagues and really enjoyed the streamlined work routine I got into while working (no one can beat Starbucks’ ordering and drink-making system!). Starbucks is somewhat vegan friendly as you can choose a variety of dairy free drinks.

I’m aware how problematic supporting a company like Starbucks is when you’re promoting veganism, zero-waste, and sustainability.  You would be correct to say that I’m promoting a double standard. What can I say- I have great memories from working there and I always feel at home whenever I see the green and white siren. They have a decent selection of drinks and hey, at least I’m not buying shares of Marlboro!

I’m going to make a vegan Starbucks guide to all the secret drinks I know! They are way better than the ones on the menu.