Thoughts on Leaving Veganism


Hi Guys ❤

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently in regard to my evolving vegan journey. A YouTuber that used to inspire me recently revealed she is no longer a vegan. The idea of reverting back to consuming fish, eggs, and meat frightens me. I acknowledge that people slip-up occasionally, but cannot see the appeal of making a conscious choice to return to such a destructive lifestyle. 

I guess the problem was the YouTuber I used to follow was vegan for health and lifestyle reasons, not to promote an anti-cruelty lifestyle. When you adopt a plant-based diet for health and lifestyle reasons you’re bound to abandon it the second you find it out of fashion or too challenging. Being vegan means that I wish to cause no harm to animals and allow them to live their lives unaffected by humans. Animals are friends, not food and not eating them is the right thing to do, not a dietary choice.