Thoughts on Cycling and Why I Love Riding My Bike

My cousin and I biking around Vancouver Island … That was something 😉

I’m Danish and have been brought up in a culture that stresses the importance of exercise and sustainable transportation. Growing up in a flat, relatively small country has made it easy for me to bike to school, work, family gatherings, or wherever I need to be in a short period of time. Cycling is a wonderful way to get some fresh air and be alone with your thoughts all while not even realizing the exercise you’re getting! Nothing gets the day going like a leisurely ride to work, though, as a Scandinavian descended from Viking, I feel an innate pressure to venture out into all types of uninviting weather. 

As a free, calorie-burning, emission-less form of transportation, I can’t exalt the virtues of riding your bike enough. My bike will always be my main form of transportation (unless I find myself living in the Swiss Alps or Tibet- then all bets are off!)