Sustainable Fashion // TWOTHIRDS

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There are many reasons to boycott fast fashions companies like H&M, Monki, Only, Forever 21, ZARA etc. Horrible working conditions (sometimes child labor) and destructive, wasteful production methods in far away countries is problematic in a plethora of humanitarian and environmental ways.

Fast fashion means clothing that doesn’t last. There is nothing more wasteful than constantly buying new clothes and I try to get almost all of my outfits from thrift stores. 

There are however a few companies that focus on sustainable, vegan clothing. I like TWOTHIRDS; they use organic and recycled materials and produce everything in Europe. A lot of their clothes are vegan, which is awesome. By taking the time to invest in quality, I feel like I am saving time, money, and myself from the guilt that comes from going to H&M, etc. five times a year.


LAZY VEGAN STIR FRY #4 – Tomato Veggie Pasta


I grew up being told that pasta is junk food and should only be eaten rarely. Fortunately, research has shown that moderate amounts are still healthy and can be consumed while losing weight. Nothing beats treating myself to lunch with a bowl of whole grain pasta with veggies.  

Nutritional Yeast is a great cheese substitute as it has a cheesy flavour and melts easily. AND it contains B-12, which is an important supplement to take as a vegan