How Street Performance Came Into my Life


I met my American boyfriend Jackson in 2017 when I was backpacking through Canada. We met in Montreal where he was making a living by performing his music in the metro. I learned that he started busking when he quit his day-job in Chicago back in 2015. He saw Montreal as a great city for busking because of its bohemian vibe and heated metro stations with dedicated performing spaces. Little did he know that I would snatch him up and bring him to Denmark!

I often keep him company while he’s performing and always have great fun. We often meet friendly people and have had wonderful experiences on the streets.

Jackson is very talented and only performs his own songs (no covers). He uses an electric guitar to accompany his incredibly sexy-voice. I would describe his music as indie, art-punk with great singing and songwriting.

It’s always great travelling with Jackson as we often go busking in new, undiscovered places. It’s a great way to get to know a city and to meet new people. Busking takes a huge amount of courage (especially doing it everyday) and I know that will benefit him as his progresses through his artistic journey and career.  

Jackson has a really special mindset and way of looking at things that really inspires me. He always believes in himself and never lets the obstacles, resistance, and negativity he faces get in his way. I’m his biggest fan (or groupie as you might call it) and I love to listen to his new songs and performance ideas. I love being on the journey with him! I just wanted to introduce this so I can write more about it in the future. We have had so many different experiences that each one probably needs its own post- so stay tuned for that.

You can find Jackson’s music here