Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas


When my mornings are stressful I need my breakfast to be quick and healthy. This means oatmeal, yogurt, and toast. These simple staples are easy to spice up in a healthy way with fruit, seeds, veggies and nuts.

My favorite yogurt is Alpro’s lemon flavor. I’m addicted to all things citrus and this one has a subtle and mild sweet and sour balance (it does contain added sugar – sometimes a girl gotta live). I love a nice big bowl of yoghurt topped with bananas, oats, seeds, and walnuts.

I’ve also been a toast obsession recently. I use a neutral vegan crème cheese as a base and add spinach, cucumber, and salt.  

As vegans, we are often at a loss as to what to eat for breakfast that isn’t either raw fruits and vegetables or incredibly expensive/time consuming meals like eggs Benedict with seitan Canadian bacon.I want more people to hit that happy medium that sustains them both through the day and their vegan journey. No need getting burnt out on raw fruits or spending an hour cooking breakfast (not that there’s anything wrong with that every once in a while). Just keep it simple, quick, and satisfying with these ideas.