Vegan Haul from Flensburg

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One of my favorite things about traveling is finding new vegan stuff in local grocery stores. Denmark has a very limited selection, so it’s a real treat going somewhere else and discovering something new. Although I trick to stick to non-processed foods, my appetite for new vegan speciality products is insatiable! 

Germany is great for new finds. I really discovered this living in Berlin and am now aware the entire country has lots of options for vegans. Flensburg, Germany is about an hour away from my house and I often make the pilgrimage there to stock up on my favorites.

I love the cheeses from “SimplyV”. Their sliced cheese has a wonderful consistency and taste. In addition, their Parmesan cheese is indistinguishable from the real thing and tastes great on pasta. 

The “Fantastic Foods” white crisp chocolate is a creamy, fully-flavored treat that I usually end up eating in one sitting. It has that creamy white chocolate taste without that watery aftertaste found in many vegan chocolates.  

The supermarket chain REWE makes their own house brand vegan products and I love their bolognese sauce! When I first tried it I was sure I had picked up the wrong jar by mistake; the chunks of soy where very meat-like. I like having a few of these around as they make for an easy dinner. 

REWE also has a vegan Nutella, which I love. Pretty much a no-brainer if you love chocolate, hazelnut spreads as much as I do. 

Interestingly, I found some great pre-packaged tortellini in the drugstore chain DM. It was a bit weird finding such a gem in a drugstore but hey, I’m not complaining! They also sell lots of vegan beauty products if you’re into that. 

No trip to Germany is complete without schnitzel. “VegaFit” makes very tasty and nicely-textured schnitzel and fish fingers. I don’t really remember what meat and fish taste like but they would probably pale in comparison to these. 

Stay vegan and stay tuned

How to Travel and be Vegan

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Summer is here and many of us find ourselves traveling. Slipping up is really easy on the road as it is so much easier to just go with what is being served locally without asking too many questions. The key is preparation- make sure you’ve done your research before you arrive. 

The first thing I do in a new city is hit up the local supermarket and stock up on essentials like fruit, vegetables, bread, nut butter, and plant milk. These standbys can be found almost everywhere and while not exactly pictured in travel blogs, a peanut butter sandwich on the beach can be very satisfying. 

I eat ice cream almost everyday when I’m on vacation. I’ve found that if a city doesn’t have a readily available vegan option, most sorbets are a decent option. Most restaurants have a few vegetarian options which can easily become vegan with a few simple requests. Order a vegetarian pizza without cheese or a falafel wrap with hummus instead of yoghurt. Most restaurants will be happy to oblige and make an extra effort for you! 

Do you have any vegan travel tips? Let me know in the comments! 


The Best Vegan (IKEA) Tip of All Time


I’m a minimalist so I don’t have much to do in IKEA. My overall opinion is that IKEA sell overpriced rubbish. (You can find furniture way cheaper and more unique second hand). But in a vegan perspective IKEA has some good options.

In the bistro you’ll find the best plant based hotdogs! The sausage is made out of vegetables and has a perfect flavour and “meat like” consistency. On top they add pickled red kale, fried onions, and mustard. It may sound weird, but it isn’t!

The second best thing about these hotdogs (of course the best thing is the flavour, duuuh) is the price. You’ll get one hot dog for 10 danish kroner (or 1.5 dollars)! I have no shame in admitting that I have visited IKEA several time just to buy hotdogs and it has been worth it every time. Have you guys tried these plant based hotdogs yet?


Motivational Words to Start Your Vegan Journey


The most common response I get when telling people about veganism is “I have no idea where to start”. It’s a pretty common sentiment to have seeing as many of us are led to believe growing up that beef builds muscles, potatoes put on the pounds, and salads are for skinny European women starving themselves. The truth is that there is a great awakening to be had once we dive into veganism head-first and embrace all of what a cruelty-free lifestyle has to offer. If you find yourself thinking “I love the idea of being a vegan but it’s just too darn difficult for me” then let me let you in on an insider secret- we all had to overcome that mental wall at one point. Don’t be trapped by a limiting mindset or fear of starting! 

Once you do have the chutzpah to get started you should aim to take it slowly. If you want to make a complete switch to only eating whole foods right away, great! But I really recommend taking it at a measured pace and indulging yourself in some processed vegan comfort foods like Oreos or dairy-free pizza. Try to make vegan versions of your favorite dishes. A spaghetti bolognese can easily be made with fake vegan meat found at the store. Additionally, there are a vast array of vegan cheeses out there for almost any recipe. Although these plant-based substitutes will not taste the exact same as their non-vegan counterparts they will still be tasty, albeit in a different way. Try to think of it as enjoying and experiencing something new, not recreating an exact taste or sensation. 

Don’t be afraid of slipping-up and making mistakes. Remember that every time you choose a vegan meal over one that contains meat or dairy you are making a huge difference! Don’t let a momentary lapse of will-power derail your progress and motivation! It helps to get a friend or family member to go vegan with you. It will be a lot easier if you have someone to hold you accountable. Plus it makes grocery shopping and cooking much easier!

Obviously an education component is crucial to sustaining a vegan lifestyle. Documentaries on veganism, cruelty-free literature, and vegan bloggers and YouTubers have had a profound impact on my personal journey. If you have any questions or seek more tips on getting started don’t hesitate to contact me! I find great joy in helping others finding enlightenment in cruelty-free living.



5 Ways Veganism Improved my Life


I could ramble endlessly about how much veganism means to me and why I think it will change your would and well, that’s what I do on this blog! Here is a personal top five list to feed your clickbait addiction! 

#1 Veganism forced me to discover new fruits and vegetables. I have a newfound love for pomelo, mango, butternut squash, eggplant, green kale, oranges, and rhubarbs! I also discovered the joys of dried fruit (especially coconut) 

#2 Veganism has brought me closer to myself. I really identify with everything being a vegan stands for and it brings me a great deal of peace knowing that’s what I am. We all struggle with finding our inner-truths and how to live them and I have found mine.  

#3 Becoming healthier is almost unavoidable when switching to a plant-based lifestyle. I actually crave vegetables now! 

#4 My choice to become a vegan has caused a domino effect and caused others to change their lives. My family is now almost completely vegan and many of my friends are much more open to different foods. I know my blog will continue to influence others and make a tangible difference. 

#5 I have lost weight and am now able to do much more physical activity. I now do yoga and have run several half-marathons- something I couln’t have imagined a few years ago. 


Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas


Hi Guys <33 I thought I would share some of the really basic and easy breakfasts i have had recently. Veganism is not about chia puddings, smoothie bowls, and glutenfree porridge. It can be done very simple!

I recently made this yummy soy lemon yoghurt bowl topped with topped with oat flakes, chia seeds, and walnuts. To accompany it I had two pieces of “knækbrød”; one topped with avocado and salt and the other with cream cheese and green onion. With a nice cup of chai tea, this was a great way to start my day on an unseasonably cold morning.  

This is a bowl of oats, granola, banana, and raisins topped with oat milk. I complemented it with a bun topped with raspberry marmalade and hummus with tomato slices, respectively.

I made these three-ingredient pancakes for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. All I did was mash two bananas in a bowl with oats and added oat milk until it reached pancake batter consistency. I cooked them on low heat in a non-stick pan without oil then topped them strawberries and chunks of,chocolate. Super creamy and super easy. 

I’ve been on a whole grain kick recently. I eat them in a bowl of oats, banana, berries, and oat milk. 

I hope my vegan breakfast ideas inspire you to create your own simple, highly-satisfying creations!


Vegan Treasures from Germany


Hi guys <33

From the vantage point of Denmark, Germany is a vegan’s paradise. Whenever I traverse the border I make sure to stock up on an assortment of sweets like cakes and chocolate spread. 

On my most recent trip I went to REWE (probably the most  ubiquitous grocery chain in Germany) which carries Veganz products (Veganz also has its own standalone shop in Berlin if you’re ever there). I love Veganz’ spongy chocolate muffins which are a steal for €1.50. Another chocolate favorite of mine are the “Waffleschnitte Hasselnuss” waffle bites. They are bit-sized and delicious! I also love the delightfully juxtaposed sweet and sour lemon custard sandwich cookies. You should heed my warning and enjoy these in moderation and responsibly instead of binge eating an entire package like I did the other night.

Last but not least, I love REWE’s own vegan chocolate nougat spread. It’s just nougat, chocolate, and hazelnut- an oldie but a goodie! 


Thoughts on Leaving Veganism


Hi Guys ❤

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently in regard to my evolving vegan journey. A YouTuber that used to inspire me recently revealed she is no longer a vegan. The idea of reverting back to consuming fish, eggs, and meat frightens me. I acknowledge that people slip-up occasionally, but cannot see the appeal of making a conscious choice to return to such a destructive lifestyle. 

I guess the problem was the YouTuber I used to follow was vegan for health and lifestyle reasons, not to promote an anti-cruelty lifestyle. When you adopt a plant-based diet for health and lifestyle reasons you’re bound to abandon it the second you find it out of fashion or too challenging. Being vegan means that I wish to cause no harm to animals and allow them to live their lives unaffected by humans. Animals are friends, not food and not eating them is the right thing to do, not a dietary choice. 



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I love Aarhus and am fortunate enough to have family there whom I visit often. As the second biggest city in a relatively small country, it has a charming small city vibe that is conducive to small vegan shops and cafes opening up. Here’s a guide to my favorite spots- let me know if I’ve missed anything! 

Faour – The absolute best falafel in Denmark. I made a post about it here (45 DKK per wrap) Address: Klostergade 32

Kallo’s Pizza– has my favorite vegan take-away pizza. The cheese the use is very convincing and had me wondering if it was actually vegan (it is, don’t worry). 100 DKK Address: Herredsvej 2

Melone – the only 100% vegan cafe in Aarhus. They serve burgers, fries, sandwiches, and a dish of the day. I’ve tried their cheese burger, tuna-free sandwich, and chili, all which were delicious. Their burger patties were very “meaty” tasting which was a bit much for me (but my boyfriend loved it). Budget friendly at around 60-120 DKK per person.  Address: Frederiks Allé 96

Grød (meaning porridge) – is a small cafe chain (started in Copenhagen) located in Aarhus’ hipster area. They have an abundant selection of porridge options with a variety of toppings (peanut butter, dark chocolate, granola, fresh fruit, fruit compotes, and vegan yoghurt). They have great coffee and you’ll find vegan risotto on the menu after breakfast. 55-120 DKK per person. Address: Graven 24

Cafe Ganefryd – a health store and one of the first suppliers of vegan foods in Aarhus. Within the store you’ll find a bakery serving a selection of vegan focaccia, pizzas, brownies, muffins, breads, and other baked goods. They also serve a vegan dish of the day. Baked goods between 15-60 DKK. Address: Klostergade 2 

Aarhus Street Food – Many of us are accustomed to self-described “Street Food” halls being overpriced, crowded, smelly pits of disappointment. Aarhus’ Street Food Hall is none of these things. They have a plethora of different vendors offering vegan options. So far I have tried a Thai tofu curry, an Indian chickpea red curry, and a delightful vegan pita. Everything has been filling and delicious and I would recommend going with both vegans and omnivores alike as there is certainly something for everyone.  Address: Ny Banegårdsgade 46

and of course… Ice cream for dessert! Paradis is sells an amazing plant based ice cream with cherry and dark chocolate. At Aarhus Street Food you will found a great selection of popsicles! The sorbet variants are vegan and i recommend the raspberry, omg! Paradise is address: Nørregade 40

The city is very walkable and hosts the best museums in Denmark. Skip the crowds and tourists in Copenhagen and head to Aarhus.


Being a Vegan in Denmark


I felt pretty alone when I started my vegan journey two years ago in Denmark. I didn’t have any vegan friends or relatives and my options in the grocery store were very limited (soy milk, low-quality tofu, veggie burgers). When I moved to Berlin I was delighted to find that they have all things vegan everywhere! Vegan grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, and much more. Now that I’m back in Denmark I’m happy to say that, although not as abundant and progressive as Berlin and The United States, we are making progress. Vegan cafes are sprouting up all over the country and many fast food chains have added a vegan option to their menu. 

Unfortunately, our collective social attitudes leave much to be desired. Most of our population is brought on a spoon-fed diet of pork, gravy, and dairy products. Although often billed as a progressive paradise by many outside nations, we are very resistant to any type of lifestyle change or to usurping our outdated traditions in any way. When I introduce myself as a vegan to someone from Denmark I am often bombarded with prejudice and ignorant questions. My boyfriend often calls Denmark the Alabama of Europe and, after numerous encounters with narrow-minded, uneducated Danes, I am somewhat inclined to agree with his sentiment. 

Not all hope is lost though! My international friends are much more supportive and my family cooks a vegan meal every night for dinner. I see big changes in the future with veganism becoming more and more mainstream. It’s only a matter of time!

(I love Denmark and the Danish people!)