10 Awesome Facts about Me


I have always enjoyed reading clickbaity, Buzzfed-esque 10things about me posts! Here is my first attempt (its not gonna be my last, I love the simple, self-centered, trashy high it leaves me with!)

  1. I’m a morning person. If I sleep until 8 am I panic and feel like I’m wasting the day away.  
  2. I used to be a party girl out every weekend. NowI don’t really drink alcohol.
  3. Although I am clownishly clumsy, I have never broken a bone.
  4. My favourite animals are whales. Nothing beats aFriday night watching listening to David Attenborough narrate about these majestic creatures.
  5. I LOVE the ocean. I spent my childhood summers on the beach so I always feel like I’m home when I’m by the ocean.  
  6. I’m a fiddlehead who loves making messes almost as much as I love yelling at my boyfriend to clean them up!
  7. I am incredibly clumsy and am always breaking electronics. My phone has a giant crack in it and I recently stepped on my boyfriend’s Ipad, cracking the glass screen (not sure how much longer I’m gonna have a boyfriend…)
  8. I have been to the Danish Music festival“Roskilde Festival” 7 times in a row.
  9. I used to be prejudiced towards Americans and anything to do with the Unites States. Now I’m moving there to marry an American –Prejudice never gets you anywhere! 
  10. I like working with kids but whenever I see a green, snotty nose I want to puke and crawl into a cave far away from any children.

If you have any fun facts about yourself please share in the comments! It’s always fun to read!


Something About Living a Year in a Symbioses


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a romantic (hidden under mynonchalant facade) so I will dedicate this post to writing about my one andonly valentine Jackson. We met in 2017 at a Hostel in Montreal. We quicklyfound we had good chemistry (hostel style) and 8 months later he came to Berlinto find me.

When we met each other again we almost immediately became a couple and moved in to a 6 square meter room in an apartment together (with 3 random, creepy roommates). Our relationship progressed quickly and although we hit the usual early turbulence that couples face when they move in together, we realised we’re perfect for each other.

In the year we have been together we haven’t spent more than5 weeks apart. Jackson is the most fun, inspiring, and pleasant person to be around-I never get sick of spending time together! He always supports meunconditionally and knowing that he has my back makes me feel safer than I haveever felt.  

Although we have already travelled and experienced so muchtogether, I know our adventures are barely getting started! We are going tomove together to the United States and live our minimalist lifestyle in a smallSUV that we will call home (#vanlife but in a more fuel-efficient crossoverSUV). I can’t wait for all this to happen and I’m so grateful to have met mysoul mate in a time and place I least expected it. I feel like I’ve won thelottery of life and could not be happier!  


Thoughts on Concentrated Oils


The attentive reader may notice that I rarely use concentrated fats in my cooking. I aspire to make food choices around a plant-based philosophy, so I try to get my oil naturally from nuts, avocados, and seeds. I do occasionally eat vegan junk food (which contains high amount of oils) so I try to lower my intake of oil when I’m cooking.    

Although I don’t promote or support calorie-counting, its hard to get the little factoid “a tablespoon of olive oil contains 135 calories” out of my head. I would way rather avoid adding oils to my food if it means eating more potatoes, beans, avocados, etc. I never use it for sautéing as I’ve found that soy sauce and water do the trick just as well.

A perfect example of this is oven fries. After a month of cooking them without any oils whatsoever, I’ve really come to love and crave the unique crispiness that comes from cooking them that way.

The more I cook without oil, the less I find myself overeating. I think about how easy it is for me to eat an entire bag of chips and how that spilt over into never being able to cook anything in the pan or oven without olive oil.

Of course, fanaticism is never good and you will find concentrated oil in some of my recipes. But try to cut down on it and see what happens.


How Street Performance Came Into my Life


I met my American boyfriend Jackson in 2017 when I was backpacking through Canada. We met in Montreal where he was making a living by performing his music in the metro. I learned that he started busking when he quit his day-job in Chicago back in 2015. He saw Montreal as a great city for busking because of its bohemian vibe and heated metro stations with dedicated performing spaces. Little did he know that I would snatch him up and bring him to Denmark!

I often keep him company while he’s performing and always have great fun. We often meet friendly people and have had wonderful experiences on the streets.

Jackson is very talented and only performs his own songs (no covers). He uses an electric guitar to accompany his incredibly sexy-voice. I would describe his music as indie, art-punk with great singing and songwriting.

It’s always great travelling with Jackson as we often go busking in new, undiscovered places. It’s a great way to get to know a city and to meet new people. Busking takes a huge amount of courage (especially doing it everyday) and I know that will benefit him as his progresses through his artistic journey and career.  

Jackson has a really special mindset and way of looking at things that really inspires me. He always believes in himself and never lets the obstacles, resistance, and negativity he faces get in his way. I’m his biggest fan (or groupie as you might call it) and I love to listen to his new songs and performance ideas. I love being on the journey with him! I just wanted to introduce this so I can write more about it in the future. We have had so many different experiences that each one probably needs its own post- so stay tuned for that.

You can find Jackson’s music here


Finding Joy and Balance in Vegan Food; How I Stopped Restricting Myself

Personal, Veganism
Vegan burger and fries from the vegan bistro YoYo World in Berlin 
Vegan Raw Food from the Raw Food Resturant DALUMA in Berlin

It can be a real hassle to figure out which vegan diet to choose. Things like raw, Keto, and plant-based get thrown around a lot.Fortunately, you don’t have to follow any of these diets to be a vegan.

I don’t think it’s healthy to restrict your food. I try to use common sense and cravings to guide what I eat. Sadly, I’ve been counting calories since I was 12 years old. That has resulted in me always knowing how many calories a certain food has and allotting my daily total. I don’t support calorie counting and I wished I could turn the part of my brain that does it off.  It can be difficult enjoying food sometimes because in the back of my head I’m counting calories.

I’ve spent some time carefully diving into vegan diets. I’ve found that a plant-based diet works best for me (a plant-based diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while avoiding processed foods). These whole, nutritional foods always fill me up and don’t give me a sense of restriction. Although processed vegan food tends to contain much more fat, salt, and sugar than whole foods, I will admit that I enjoy them occasionally. My boyfriend is a huge fan of vegan Döner Kebab and I think vegan meat and cheese substitutes are great for those in transition.  

As long as its vegan, I try to never restrict myself. I enjoy when my sister makes fries dripping with olive oil or when my boyfriend cooks Mexican food with meat substitutes and vegan cheese. I need to live a life where food brings me joy AND nutrition. Before I went vegan I saw food as a mix between an addiction and an enemy. That is not a healthy mindset and I’m grateful that I am able to enjoy all kinds of vegan foods now.



Minimalism, Personal

I really embraced minimalism when I got together with my boyfriend Jackson last year. He really inspired with the kind of lifestyle he chooses to live. He owns a few essential clothing pieces (one pair of pants, two pairs of shoes, one sweater, three shirts) and his music equipment… that’s it.

I started my minimalism journey by getting rid of most of my clothes. I only kept clothes I loved and felt comfortable wearing. I currently own about 25 pieces of clothing (without underwear and socks). The biggest impact of having a minimal amount of clothing is that I NEVER have the feeling that I have nothing to wear. I know a lot of girls tend to feel that and fill the void by shopping.

Minimalism means a lot less stress. I really used to struggle budgeting at the end of the month due to impulsive “bargain buys”. Now when I see a good buy I think about the product in question waisting away in the corner, having no use and taking up space. I feel like I’m earning money every time I tell myself no.

My favorite thing about minimalism is getting down to the essentials and only owning stuff that has value to you. When de-cluttering I give my clothes to thrift-stores and friends and family since I myself almost exclusively get my clothes and electronics second-hand. It’s my way of not supporting our catastrophic consumer culture that piles on to climate change.  

Minimalism doesn’t really have any hard rules. I only know that it inspires people to travel and search for alternative ways of living. My boyfriend and I are saving up to buy a used small crossover SUV to live the van-life in. We are both after the type of feeling you get when you have a certain kind of freedom in a world of strict constraints. I wanna explore that in the future.


First Blog Post EVER


It feels so weird writing a blog post. I’ve never seen my self as a blogger kinda girl, but here goes.

 I came up with the blog name “VeganGirlLife” because my boyfriend suggested “DanishVeganGirl”, but I don’t put that much weight on my nationality. I think “VeganGirlLife” sounds better and as a teenager I read a book called “Pige Liv” (Girl Life in Danish) and that name has always stayed with me. So even though it sounds cooler in Danish (and at 23 I would probably be categorised as an adult), I’m sticking with it.

 Besides, I really couldn’t bring myself to call the blog “VeganWomanLife”- that sounds like something gross from a ladies magazine I don’t want be associated with. So Girl Life it is!

*Just a side note, I hate being called a woman. When I’m at the grocery store and someone wants to make room for me and says “let the woman by” ggaaahhhhhhh… I hate it! I don’t feel seasoned enough to be a woman. When the time comes I’ll change the name to “Woman Life”. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that never happens.  

I like to write and be creative and I want to share my thoughts about veganism, sustainability, and how I practice these concepts in my life.

I want to explore vegan recipes, restaurants, and general tips and tricks as well as sustainable lifestyle practices like van life and minimalism.