It Has Been a While


Over the summer I haven’t been posting much here. I wish it was due to being busy tanning under palm trees and relaxing on the beach but in reality I have been extremely busy working. I’m juggling three jobs at the moment and it’s very hard both physically and mentally. 

Because I have been so busy working all my energy has been focused on keeping up my spirits. July went by without a single day off and as it seems right now, the work flow isn’t going to let up. But it’s something I chose for myself as I’m moving at the end of this year and I want a good start with a bunch of money saved up.

Although it feels very lonely, it helps knowing that this is just temporary. Even though I know I’m a happier person with lots of social interaction with my friends it has been impossible for me to find the energy to make any arrangements.  

My vegan journey has felt challenging and I’ve been faced with a lack of inspiration. My brain has been occupied by work so much that I haven’t given creating new recipes much thought and food has just been fuel to me. My meals have consisted of more or less the same things like fries, ketchup, and Starbucks coffee. Not exactly the food you want to power you through the day! 

Although I’ve taken a short break, it means everything to me that I am still getting clicks and new and old visitors everyday! The fact that people keep coming back inspires me to create more vegan recipes! What I’m trying to say is- I’M BACK!!! I am going to aim to post new recipes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Stay vegan and stay tuned!

What to do When You’re Missing Your Partner


It’s no secret that my boyfriend is my favorite person and there is no one I would rather spend all my time with! Nontheless, he is a street performer who travels around Europe performing on the streets. As I currently have a full-time job here in Denmark, I can’t always travel with him. This past spring, he traveled to the Baltic countries while I stayed home working. It was well, a difficult time for me. While it is normal to miss your partner like that, sometimes our situation dictate that we learn ways to cope with it in a healthy, positive way.   

Here are some tips on enjoying your alone time for when you and your partner are apart. 

#1 Binge on Netflix series your partner doesn’t like. Jackson only wants to watch documentaries and horror movies but I love all things fantasy like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. As soon he leaves I gear up for a marathon of my all-time favorites!  

#2 Hang out with other people! Most of us see our friends less when our partner is around (not that that is necessarily their fault). We all want to take the initiative because it naturally becomes less of a habit when our partner is our main person. I enjoy going on weekend trips to visit my out of town friends- it really makes time fly! 

#3 Find or rediscover a new hobby. I have always been a big reader but when Jackson is home we spend most of our nights listening to true crime podcasts. When he’s away I get to spend hours with my head stuck in new books and I can easily digest two or three per week. It’s nice having the time to yourself to figure out what you enjoy doing in your free time. 

#4 Make your favorite foods! Stupid as it sounds, my boyfriend and I often argue about what to eat. We also have different eating habits and in general it can be hard to find something that works for both of us. When I’m by myself I can make all the vegan dishes I want without have to think about his needs or objections! 

#5 Start new habits. If you live with your partner you will probably have developed a unique set of small rituals. Start every morning with some light yoga and stretching, listen to the radio while cooking breakfast, listen to a special podcast on a long walk, make popcorn every Sunday night, etc. Small rituals and habbits make everything go by more quickly.  

Focus on the positive instead of your inevitable sad feelings. It’s always okay to have a sad day; just don’t dwell on them! You’ll be with your partner before you know it, healthier than before due to the time you’ve spent apart. 

Are any of you in long-distance relationships? If so I would love to hear your advice on how to handle when you go from two to one. 


I Ran a Half-marathon!


I recently ran the “Lillebælt” half-marathon! It was a beautiful experience as the route was a combination of ocean, forest, and field views. It was a nice mixture of flat and hilly and had many water stations on the way to keep runners hydrated. It wasn’t my first half-marathon, but man, it was challenging! I was in decent running shape when I signed up but knew that I would need to condition myself with plenty of long runs beforehand.

I started the run shooting for a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes; although I felt that was an unrealistic time as I am still new to half-marathons. The first 8 kilometers flew by as the adrenaline spurred on by the audience cheering piper me in high gear. 

After reaching 9 kilometers my legs being to prematurely feel weak and tired. I psyched myself up and kept pace with the 2:15 speed holders until the 16 kilometer mark before deciding to run at my own tempo. 

I fought hard to suppress the nagging voice in my head that told me to slow down and walk. My stubbornness and perseverance paid off as I crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 59 seconds! 

The joy I felt after barely reaching my goal (thinking all along that I’d come nowhere near it) is indescribable! Unfortunately, I fell a bit sick after the race as I was dehydrated and had some uneven blood distribution in my upper body. After forcing myself to eat I felt much better, albeit exhausted. 

Half-marathons give me confidence, positive emotions, and delightful rushes of adrenaline. When I was running I kept telling myself over and over “I’m never going to do this to myself again”. But that sentiment completely disappeared the second I crossed the finish line. 

Anyone else run half-marathons?


Thoughts on Cycling and Why I Love Riding My Bike

My cousin and I biking around Vancouver Island … That was something 😉

I’m Danish and have been brought up in a culture that stresses the importance of exercise and sustainable transportation. Growing up in a flat, relatively small country has made it easy for me to bike to school, work, family gatherings, or wherever I need to be in a short period of time. Cycling is a wonderful way to get some fresh air and be alone with your thoughts all while not even realizing the exercise you’re getting! Nothing gets the day going like a leisurely ride to work, though, as a Scandinavian descended from Viking, I feel an innate pressure to venture out into all types of uninviting weather. 

As a free, calorie-burning, emission-less form of transportation, I can’t exalt the virtues of riding your bike enough. My bike will always be my main form of transportation (unless I find myself living in the Swiss Alps or Tibet- then all bets are off!)


Weight Loss Wednesday // Week five – SOS


My little weight loss journey has been a horrific nightmare! I was super motivated when I first got the idea, but after a few weeks I feel that my mind has been warped by food anxiety. I thought it was a good idea to share my journey with the world, but the pressure has led me to develop problems with self-control and overeating. 

Although I really tried to not let the diet mentality consume me, I couldn’t resist the all-to-common patterns of self-loathing and poor body image most of us have dealt with in the past. After setting a goal for myself, I found myself in a cycle of bouts strict dieting followed by binge eating. 

A few days ago I decided to stop this madness and go back to eating based on my intuitive cravings. I feel like a weight has been lifted as I am no longer starving myself nor overeating. 

I must conclude that, try as I might to be immune, the modern weight loss mentality is a pit of despair and futility. Eating will always be a part of our lives and we cannot think of our health and weight as a checkpoint in a video game. I will try not to be swindled again by Instagram-esq body obsession and instead simply focus on eating whole, plant-based foods whenever I’m hungry. 


Weight Loss Wednesday // Week four – Eating Habits thoughts

I was served this vegan lentil dish on a traditional german restaurant and it tasted amazing!

I have lifestyle choices regarding food that I need to work on. I have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde relationship with food as during the week I am a paradigm of good choices but, as soon as the weekends hits, I become a ravenous monster devouring any ice cream, chips, and any other heavily saturated snack food that comes my way. 

I recently spent a weekend at a family reunion for my boyfriend’s family in Kiel, Germany. As most of us who’ve been to these type of gatherings can attest, much food and drink was served. Fortunately, though I was able to partake in a decent amount of merrymaking, I was able to somewhat control myself as most of the food served wasn’t vegan. We went to a few different restaurants where I ordered vegan entrees full of vegetables (I mean, what else are non-vegan restaurants going to serve?). Being on a somewhat of a vacation, I indulged in a few beers and desserts as well as stocking up on some vegan goodies that can only be found in German supermarkets. 

Alas, though I genuinely enjoyed my time in Kiel, I wish to be less impulsive and more cognizant about my food habits. I want to eat more slowly, listen to my body signals, and make healthier snack choices. 

Weight Loss Wednesday // Week Three


Well, I basically made no progress this week. I essentially copied last week’s formula of eating healthy during the week and bingeing on junk food during the weekend. Just to give you an idea of what I mean by junk food bingeing, here are some of the things I ate.

  • 1.5 bags of potato chips
  • A giant piece of vegan chocolate cake
  • A vegan waffle with whipped cream and ice cream
  • A greasy Asian noodle box
  • A vegan ice cream cookie sandwich
  • A vegan Danish pastry
  • 1 raw chocolate bounty bar
  • The biggest portion of Indian food imaginable

I’m being honest because I want people to be able to relate to the experience of failing to meet their goals. It’s easy to start thinking “once I slip-up I might as well give up” and “today doesn’t count, I’ll just start tomorrow”. These thoughts can lead to panicking and overeating when we should instead just enjoy our little slip-up and return to healthy eating as soon as possible. 

No matter how much I try to avoid it, the weight loss mentality keeps creeping into my mind. I know it’s all in my head but it’s just so frustrating! I need to pull myself together; it’s just so damn hard! 

I am persevering by forging ahead with small baby steps. After all, a healthy lifestyle is nothing but the aggregate of good and bad choices!


Weight Loss Wednesday // Week One


The first week of my weight loss journey went well, albeit with a few minor slip ups (I went to the movies with my sister on Sunday and JUST HAD to have some of her popcorn and vegan candy). I started the week by trying to eat 6 small meals a day, but I couldn’t get my body to adjust to it and it felt unnatural. So instead, I opted to only eat when hungry or lacking energy.

I have made my meals healthier by focusing more and more on including vegetables into my home cooking (you might notice a theme here). One of my go to snacks has been carrot sticks dipped in hummus- a tasty, filling midday snack!

My biggest slip-up came over the weekend when my boyfriend and I were house-sitting for a neighbour. Something in our new environment sparked a glutinous whim within us and we bought a giant bag of curly fries from the grocery store to share (should have made my homemade oil-free fries instead!). Nonetheless, I felt I kept the wheels on the bus as I didn’t eat any other blatantly unhealthy foods, instead snacking on fruit and rice cakes.

I consider my first week a success! By focusing on my healthy choices and not dwelling on the slip-ups, I’m able to keep my momentum going. My goal this week is to not slip-up as much and make progress, however small. A healthy lifestyle and subsequent weight-loss is a marathon, not a sprint!


I’m not Quite Satisfied with my Body… Yet

a picture of me Josefine

I feel a bit hesitant about publishing this post since we fortunately live in a time where self-love and body positivism has a major presence in our society and I don’t want to knock or derail it in anyway. I’m completely on board with the self-love movement and I think it’s really important to have a healthy relationship with your body.

Even though I’m currently at a normal, healthy weight I still want to loose a few kilos (or lbs. for ya’ll ‘Muricans). I have a cute amount of chubbiness around my mid-section, but alas, I still finding myself wanting to get rid of it! I just don’t like the idea of yellow, stored, unnecessary fat around my organs. I know I could teach myself to love and accept it, but I’m young and want to push my body to new heights before it’s too late.

I hope you’ll follow my little weight loss journey here on the blog as I give you weekly updates on how it’s going. I don’t believe in dieting or hardliner restrictions I’m just going to try to swap guilty habit junk foods for more whole foods! I’m very physically active and I’m going to continue exercising daily.   

I’m convinced that for sustainable results I can’t starve myself by obsessively counting calories. Therefore, my strategy is to lose weight slowly so I can acclimate myself to a healthier lifestyle with greater ease. There is only one way to loose weight which is to burn more than you consume- no one said you have to burn it all off in a month!  

Remember that everyone is different so what works for me may not be the best fit for you!  Now that I’ve shared this with the Internet there is no going back! I’m so excited!


Something About Running


Two years ago I experienced genuine joy while exercising for the first time in my life. Exercising used to be a tedious chore I only did to loose weight. I would find myself in this unhealthy rhythm of over-exercising followed by not exercising at all. When I would inevitably screw up my diet (as anyone on a diet is bound to do at some point) I would lose my motivation and stop altogether.

I have been consistently running for the past years and have been jogging every morning for the past three months. Last year I ran the Berlin Half Marathon and I’m attending another one here in Denmark this May.

The thing I love about running is that (in my case) it always takes me outside and breathing fresh air. It’s something I do alone so I get 30 minutes everyday to myself where I am left alone to process my own thoughts.

Instead of coffee or energy drinks, my morning boost comes from a 30 minute jog. There is something therapeutic about something so basic, simple, and natural (basically what our human bodies are designed to do).

In addition to being physically exhausting, a half-marathon also requires a lot of mental strength. As I trained, I learned how powerful a positive attitude and an insatiable will can be. By focusing and controlling my thoughts, I was able to trick my body into doing more than I ever thought was possible. Nothing beats crossing the finish line after 21.09 km (13.10 miles)! The indescribable feelings of pride, self-possession, and triumph I experienced afterwards marked a huge checkpoint on my journey of self-improvement.