Vegan Food Guide – Tallinn, Estonia


I had an amazing experience recently when I visited Tallinn, Estonia! The beautiful, well-perserved city is worth the visit, especially since it contains an abundance of vegan options.   

In addition to vegan pizza, here are some of my favorites

Vegankohvik Inspiratsioon

I loved the vegan café vibe here. The interior was cozy, bohemian, and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in. 

My boyfriend and I started out with a Snickers smoothie with peanut butter and date syrup. It was a wholesomely sweet and salty delight – what’s not to love? I will definitely be tinkering around with recreating it at home. 

For our main course I had a vegetable quinoa curry while my boyfriend had a vegan burger. We thought the burger was especially delicious as it was colorful and artfully presented on its plate. For desert we had tiramisu and blueberry matcha cakes.  

Pagari 1 / Lai 44 , 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Veg Machine Balta  

“Veg Machine Balta”, a greasy junk food stand in a food court. I ordered the loaded fries with crispy vöner meat. The girl working at the stand was extremely friendly and offered to change all of our small coins Jackson had from busking. Definitely worth a stop as the food hall itself has a plethora of vegan options. 

Kopli 1, Tallinn, Estonia

As I try to travel on a budget, most of meals consisted of oat milk, oats, and other store-bought vegan staples. Although I didn’t get to try as many vegan restaurants as I would have liked, the small taste of Tallinn I already experienced has left me hungry for more. I’m sure I will visit and blog about Tallinn again! 



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I love Aarhus and am fortunate enough to have family there whom I visit often. As the second biggest city in a relatively small country, it has a charming small city vibe that is conducive to small vegan shops and cafes opening up. Here’s a guide to my favorite spots- let me know if I’ve missed anything! 

Faour – The absolute best falafel in Denmark. I made a post about it here (45 DKK per wrap) Address: Klostergade 32

Kallo’s Pizza– has my favorite vegan take-away pizza. The cheese the use is very convincing and had me wondering if it was actually vegan (it is, don’t worry). 100 DKK Address: Herredsvej 2

Melone – the only 100% vegan cafe in Aarhus. They serve burgers, fries, sandwiches, and a dish of the day. I’ve tried their cheese burger, tuna-free sandwich, and chili, all which were delicious. Their burger patties were very “meaty” tasting which was a bit much for me (but my boyfriend loved it). Budget friendly at around 60-120 DKK per person.  Address: Frederiks Allé 96

Grød (meaning porridge) – is a small cafe chain (started in Copenhagen) located in Aarhus’ hipster area. They have an abundant selection of porridge options with a variety of toppings (peanut butter, dark chocolate, granola, fresh fruit, fruit compotes, and vegan yoghurt). They have great coffee and you’ll find vegan risotto on the menu after breakfast. 55-120 DKK per person. Address: Graven 24

Cafe Ganefryd – a health store and one of the first suppliers of vegan foods in Aarhus. Within the store you’ll find a bakery serving a selection of vegan focaccia, pizzas, brownies, muffins, breads, and other baked goods. They also serve a vegan dish of the day. Baked goods between 15-60 DKK. Address: Klostergade 2 

Aarhus Street Food – Many of us are accustomed to self-described “Street Food” halls being overpriced, crowded, smelly pits of disappointment. Aarhus’ Street Food Hall is none of these things. They have a plethora of different vendors offering vegan options. So far I have tried a Thai tofu curry, an Indian chickpea red curry, and a delightful vegan pita. Everything has been filling and delicious and I would recommend going with both vegans and omnivores alike as there is certainly something for everyone.  Address: Ny Banegårdsgade 46

and of course… Ice cream for dessert! Paradis is sells an amazing plant based ice cream with cherry and dark chocolate. At Aarhus Street Food you will found a great selection of popsicles! The sorbet variants are vegan and i recommend the raspberry, omg! Paradise is address: Nørregade 40

The city is very walkable and hosts the best museums in Denmark. Skip the crowds and tourists in Copenhagen and head to Aarhus.


Vegan Guide to Aalborg, DK

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My two friends at the streets of Aalborg

At the beginning of this month my boyfriend and I paid an old friend a visit in Aalborg, a small Danish city located in the north of Jutland. I had been looking forward to the trip for a while after reading about it being an emerging destination for Danish vegans (veganism isn’t that common in Denmark, so you really have to do your research!).

The city itself is filled with medieval Nordic architecture, warm Jutlanders, and a quirky student/bohemian vibe. Such conditions make it fertile ground for new vegan restaurants to emerge.

The first spot we hit was “Ubat Veggie”, a newly opened upscale gourmet vegetarian restaurant. We both had the vegan risotto, which had a very pleasant umami flavor. However, the portion size was a bit small and my boyfriend started looking for falafel shops on my phone (he is a hungry man). We waited some time before getting our food so our waitress ended up giving us free plant milk coffees (yay) and when I was about to pay she compensated our meal. I consider that to demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort, and because of the tastiness of the food and having many different vegan options, I think I’ll give it another shot when I’m back in town. 

Address: Vesterå 5, 9000 Aalborg

Vegan brunch at Cafe Luna
Scrambled tofu with rice paper bacon

We ended up having a marvellous brunch at Café Luna which is a cozy café with a bar kind of vibe. I got their specialty vegan brunch with tofu scrambled, rice paper bacon, bread with butter and vegan topping, soy yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, vegan cheese, hummus and a vegan pancake with maple syrup! My eyes were opened to tofu scramble for the first time! They can get really busy so make sure you make a reservation on weekends.

Address: Boulevarden 38, 9000 Aalborg

vegan healthy candy store

I also found a little boutique candy shop in the city center called “ Det Sunde Slik (The Healthy Candy)”. They have an endless array of dried fruits and encourage customers to sample anything they fancy. I spent some time marveling my way through the aisles until the sweet young woman behind the counter gave me some much needed guidance and assistance. My favorites were pomelo, strawberry, mango, ginger, watermelon, and shitake mushrooms (trust me). You can also order your dried fruit online here

Address: Bredegade 10, 9000 Aalborg

Give Aalborg a shot; you’ll be pleasantly surprised!