The Best Vegan (IKEA) Tip of All Time


I’m a minimalist so I don’t have much to do in IKEA. My overall opinion is that IKEA sell overpriced rubbish. (You can find furniture way cheaper and more unique second hand). But in a vegan perspective IKEA has some good options.

In the bistro you’ll find the best plant based hotdogs! The sausage is made out of vegetables and has a perfect flavour and “meat like” consistency. On top they add pickled red kale, fried onions, and mustard. It may sound weird, but it isn’t!

The second best thing about these hotdogs (of course the best thing is the flavour, duuuh) is the price. You’ll get one hot dog for 10 danish kroner (or 1.5 dollars)! I have no shame in admitting that I have visited IKEA several time just to buy hotdogs and it has been worth it every time. Have you guys tried these plant based hotdogs yet?


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