Vegan Oat-spiratin


I can’t imagine a more satisfying breakfast than oatmeal. I love that it’s filling, wholesome, healthy, and the variety of toppings makes me never get tired of it.

I like to top my morning bowls with fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, or kiwis. To add an extra creamy touch I add chia pudding or nut butters. I’m also a sucker for fruit compotes. It’s very easy to make – all you do is cook up some frozen fruits with (plenty) of sugar on top and cook it until it’s a thick mass. You can eat it cold or hot – as you like it. My favourite fruit compotes is apple, raspberry, and rhubarb.

But my favourite topping must be my homemade granola (recipe here)! The crunchy nutty sweetness fits perfectly with the wholesome oat flavour.

and not to forget! I love topping my bowls with chickpea cookie dough. It’s protein dense and very creamy and delicious! You’ll have to try it!

What’s your guys favourite oatmeal trick? Let me know!


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