Healthy Vegan Pizza Lunch


If I could eat greasy vegan pizza every day without gaining an enormous amount of weight, I would do it. If you’re a regular here I think you might have noticed an obsessive pattern by now! 

I often find myself caught between the worlds of vegan junk food and healthy vegan nutrition. I love them both but realize that the latter is more beneficial for my overall well-being. Is there such a thing as healthy, nutritional pizza? The answer is YES! 

This is one of my favorite lunches and even though it’s healthy it still gives you that sinful junk food vibe! I use a whole grain tortilla for the crust, add pizza sauce, all kinds of vegetables (I love topping mine with potatoes and black beans), and top with a tiny bit of vegan parmesan cheese. I serve it with a bunch of greens and voila! I have the perfect lunch! 

You can easily add some more traditional vegan cheese to yours- I’m just a weirdo who prefers mine without. 


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