Shop Swimwear and Clean our Oceans

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I really like the online clothing company TWOTHIRDS and I’m very impressed by their new swimwear collection. Their swimsuits are cute, comfortable, and is a good fit to any kind of body type.

Obviously, everything is vegan and (even better) made from plastic fisherman’s nets and plastic bottles found in the ocean! So by buying a TWOTHIRDS swimsuit you contributes ever so slightly to cleaning up our oceans. 

Everything is made by workers in the EU which means the people who produced your swimsuit are being treated and paid fairly. We really need to make ethical choices as consumers as the industry practices of now are abysmal and need systemic change. Why not start with looking fabulous on the beach?

I bought one of these swimsuits, can you guess which one?


Vegan Coconut Milk Chia Pudding


I’ve recently come up with a new chia pudding recipe that I think beats my previous low-fat oat milk recipe. This version uses coconut milk which makes all the difference! 

It’s really easy to make. Start with a can of organic full fat coconut in a bowl and mix in 3 tablespoons of chia seeds and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or powder (if you like some spice to it – add a tsp. cinnamon). After thoroughly mixing it, place it in an airtight container in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Try to stir it a few times within this time period for best results. 

I enjoy mine with oatmeal and as a base for smoothie bowls but you can easily enjoy it as is! You can also easily serve it as a healthier dessert. Try it with raspberry compote or fresh strawberries. This has become one of my fridge essentials and will likely become one of yours after trying it!


Vegan Oat-spiratin


I can’t imagine a more satisfying breakfast than oatmeal. I love that it’s filling, wholesome, healthy, and the variety of toppings makes me never get tired of it.

I like to top my morning bowls with fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, or kiwis. To add an extra creamy touch I add chia pudding or nut butters. I’m also a sucker for fruit compotes. It’s very easy to make – all you do is cook up some frozen fruits with (plenty) of sugar on top and cook it until it’s a thick mass. You can eat it cold or hot – as you like it. My favourite fruit compotes is apple, raspberry, and rhubarb.

But my favourite topping must be my homemade granola (recipe here)! The crunchy nutty sweetness fits perfectly with the wholesome oat flavour.

and not to forget! I love topping my bowls with chickpea cookie dough. It’s protein dense and very creamy and delicious! You’ll have to try it!

What’s your guys favourite oatmeal trick? Let me know!


Healthy Vegan Pizza Lunch


If I could eat greasy vegan pizza every day without gaining an enormous amount of weight, I would do it. If you’re a regular here I think you might have noticed an obsessive pattern by now! 

I often find myself caught between the worlds of vegan junk food and healthy vegan nutrition. I love them both but realize that the latter is more beneficial for my overall well-being. Is there such a thing as healthy, nutritional pizza? The answer is YES! 

This is one of my favorite lunches and even though it’s healthy it still gives you that sinful junk food vibe! I use a whole grain tortilla for the crust, add pizza sauce, all kinds of vegetables (I love topping mine with potatoes and black beans), and top with a tiny bit of vegan parmesan cheese. I serve it with a bunch of greens and voila! I have the perfect lunch! 

You can easily add some more traditional vegan cheese to yours- I’m just a weirdo who prefers mine without. 


Zero Waste Phone Cover – Péla Case


I love discovering new sustainability-focused companies who make eco-friendly products. A few months ago I purchased a (second hand) new phone and needless to say I needed a cover to go with it. After perusing plastic-free options I found the Canadian company Pela! They produce 100% compostable phone covers and screen protectors all while donating a % of every purchase made to Ocean Cleanup, an organization working to clean our oceans.  

I love my turquoise cover for my iPhone and you can find all different varies for different models here! You should probably buy a screen protector while you’re at it as you get one half-off after buying a cover. There are a lot of colours and designs to choose from.   

The material is very soft to the touch and it looks exactly like it does in pictures. Supporting companies like Pela and purchasing other eco-friendly products is a great way to start changing your habits and wasting less. We all vote with our money, so make sure your vote counts by supporting companies whose values align with yours!

My little dog Arne insisted on being in the photoshoot. He is the perfect combination of cute, cranky, and photogenic!


Green Protein-Rich Vegan Smoothie Bowl


I love experimenting with new recipes and when I first heard about edamame beans in smoothie bowls, I was a bit skeptical. After trying it myself I am officially a convert. 

The edamame itself does add any noticeable flavor to the smoothie; it does however pack it with much need protein that fills you up. I had a hard time finishing mine and for those who are familiar with my appetite, that says a lot! 

This smoothie bowl contains the following: edamame beans, fresh spinach, frozen mango, a banana, and oat milk. For the topping, I added my homemade granola, hemp seeds, chia seeds, chopped almonds, and a sliced apple! 

Do you guys have recommendations for making your smoothie bowls more filling? Please share in the comments! I’m pretty new to the smoothie bowl world! 


A Minimalist Packing List

Minimalism, Travelling
I tried to fit everything on the picture but left underwear out of it and i also forgot my laptop.

I hope you liked my minimalist tips to pack lighter! As promised I’m going to share a “what I brought for a 10 days trip” packing list. 

I travelled to Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany in April and the weather wasn’t fantastic. I brought sport clothes as I was training for a half marathon but I would skip that if you don’t plan on working out. I recommend leaving your laptop at home and using your phone/tablet instead unless you’re a blogger like me. 


  • 1 pair of black jeans 
  • 1 denim jacket 
  • 1 jumper 
  • 2 long sleeved t-shirts 
  • 1 short sleeved t-shirt (for sleeping)
  • 1 set of workout clothes (leggings, sport bra, and t-shirt) 
  • 1 scarf 
  • 2 dresses (I only ended up using one) 
  • 1 pair pantyhose 
  • 7 pairs of underwear 
  • 2 bras (soft bras takes up less room than push up, etc.) 
  • 4 pairs of socks 
  • 1 pair of shoes (running shoes that I also used for daily use) 


  • A small backpack for daily use 
  • Wallet
  • Passport 
  • Computer 
  • Phone
  • Reusable drinking bottle 
  • Cutlery set 
  • Crocheting stuff 
  • A book 
  • Camera and tripod 
  • Headset  
  • Adapters for everything 
  • A small towel 
  • A tote bag 


I almost use no toiletries, so this was really easy  

  • Tooth brush and tooth paste 
  • Deodorant 
  • Natural soap bar (I never use shampoo as a zero waste natural soap bar works just as well for me. One bar lasts for around a year and comes with no plastic waste. It’s also firm so you can have it in your hand luggage) 
  • Face lotion 
  • Vitamin pills and other medicine 
  • Hand lotion 

I did end up buying some second hand clothes in Estonia as they had amazing thrift stores. I purchased one dress, a hat, and a pair of jeans. Luckily my boyfriend (who is an extreme minimalist) had the room for it in his luggage. 

Do you have some minimalist travel tips yourself? I’m always open to expand my knowledge and find ways to dive deeper into using less! 


Vegan Food Guide – Tallinn, Estonia


I had an amazing experience recently when I visited Tallinn, Estonia! The beautiful, well-perserved city is worth the visit, especially since it contains an abundance of vegan options.   

In addition to vegan pizza, here are some of my favorites

Vegankohvik Inspiratsioon

I loved the vegan café vibe here. The interior was cozy, bohemian, and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in. 

My boyfriend and I started out with a Snickers smoothie with peanut butter and date syrup. It was a wholesomely sweet and salty delight – what’s not to love? I will definitely be tinkering around with recreating it at home. 

For our main course I had a vegetable quinoa curry while my boyfriend had a vegan burger. We thought the burger was especially delicious as it was colorful and artfully presented on its plate. For desert we had tiramisu and blueberry matcha cakes.  

Pagari 1 / Lai 44 , 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Veg Machine Balta  

“Veg Machine Balta”, a greasy junk food stand in a food court. I ordered the loaded fries with crispy vöner meat. The girl working at the stand was extremely friendly and offered to change all of our small coins Jackson had from busking. Definitely worth a stop as the food hall itself has a plethora of vegan options. 

Kopli 1, Tallinn, Estonia

As I try to travel on a budget, most of meals consisted of oat milk, oats, and other store-bought vegan staples. Although I didn’t get to try as many vegan restaurants as I would have liked, the small taste of Tallinn I already experienced has left me hungry for more. I’m sure I will visit and blog about Tallinn again! 


What to do When You’re Missing Your Partner


It’s no secret that my boyfriend is my favorite person and there is no one I would rather spend all my time with! Nontheless, he is a street performer who travels around Europe performing on the streets. As I currently have a full-time job here in Denmark, I can’t always travel with him. This past spring, he traveled to the Baltic countries while I stayed home working. It was well, a difficult time for me. While it is normal to miss your partner like that, sometimes our situation dictate that we learn ways to cope with it in a healthy, positive way.   

Here are some tips on enjoying your alone time for when you and your partner are apart. 

#1 Binge on Netflix series your partner doesn’t like. Jackson only wants to watch documentaries and horror movies but I love all things fantasy like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. As soon he leaves I gear up for a marathon of my all-time favorites!  

#2 Hang out with other people! Most of us see our friends less when our partner is around (not that that is necessarily their fault). We all want to take the initiative because it naturally becomes less of a habit when our partner is our main person. I enjoy going on weekend trips to visit my out of town friends- it really makes time fly! 

#3 Find or rediscover a new hobby. I have always been a big reader but when Jackson is home we spend most of our nights listening to true crime podcasts. When he’s away I get to spend hours with my head stuck in new books and I can easily digest two or three per week. It’s nice having the time to yourself to figure out what you enjoy doing in your free time. 

#4 Make your favorite foods! Stupid as it sounds, my boyfriend and I often argue about what to eat. We also have different eating habits and in general it can be hard to find something that works for both of us. When I’m by myself I can make all the vegan dishes I want without have to think about his needs or objections! 

#5 Start new habits. If you live with your partner you will probably have developed a unique set of small rituals. Start every morning with some light yoga and stretching, listen to the radio while cooking breakfast, listen to a special podcast on a long walk, make popcorn every Sunday night, etc. Small rituals and habbits make everything go by more quickly.  

Focus on the positive instead of your inevitable sad feelings. It’s always okay to have a sad day; just don’t dwell on them! You’ll be with your partner before you know it, healthier than before due to the time you’ve spent apart. 

Are any of you in long-distance relationships? If so I would love to hear your advice on how to handle when you go from two to one. 


Vegan Zucchini-Carrot Veggie balls


I recently made Danish “Frikadeller” my way. My version doesn’t really resemble the traditional kind as it doesn’t contain pork. Something about a cruelty-free, vegan dish makes it taste better than the original. 

These are very simple to make and go perfectly with traditional Danish sides like potatoes, gravy, salad, and bread. 

Hope you enjoy my vegan version of a Danish classic!