Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas


Hi Guys <33 I thought I would share some of the really basic and easy breakfasts i have had recently. Veganism is not about chia puddings, smoothie bowls, and glutenfree porridge. It can be done very simple!

I recently made this yummy soy lemon yoghurt bowl topped with topped with oat flakes, chia seeds, and walnuts. To accompany it I had two pieces of “knækbrød”; one topped with avocado and salt and the other with cream cheese and green onion. With a nice cup of chai tea, this was a great way to start my day on an unseasonably cold morning.  

This is a bowl of oats, granola, banana, and raisins topped with oat milk. I complemented it with a bun topped with raspberry marmalade and hummus with tomato slices, respectively.

I made these three-ingredient pancakes for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. All I did was mash two bananas in a bowl with oats and added oat milk until it reached pancake batter consistency. I cooked them on low heat in a non-stick pan without oil then topped them strawberries and chunks of,chocolate. Super creamy and super easy. 

I’ve been on a whole grain kick recently. I eat them in a bowl of oats, banana, berries, and oat milk. 

I hope my vegan breakfast ideas inspire you to create your own simple, highly-satisfying creations!


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