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I love Aarhus and am fortunate enough to have family there whom I visit often. As the second biggest city in a relatively small country, it has a charming small city vibe that is conducive to small vegan shops and cafes opening up. Here’s a guide to my favorite spots- let me know if I’ve missed anything! 

Faour – The absolute best falafel in Denmark. I made a post about it here (45 DKK per wrap) Address: Klostergade 32

Kallo’s Pizza– has my favorite vegan take-away pizza. The cheese the use is very convincing and had me wondering if it was actually vegan (it is, don’t worry). 100 DKK Address: Herredsvej 2

Melone – the only 100% vegan cafe in Aarhus. They serve burgers, fries, sandwiches, and a dish of the day. I’ve tried their cheese burger, tuna-free sandwich, and chili, all which were delicious. Their burger patties were very “meaty” tasting which was a bit much for me (but my boyfriend loved it). Budget friendly at around 60-120 DKK per person.  Address: Frederiks Allé 96

Grød (meaning porridge) – is a small cafe chain (started in Copenhagen) located in Aarhus’ hipster area. They have an abundant selection of porridge options with a variety of toppings (peanut butter, dark chocolate, granola, fresh fruit, fruit compotes, and vegan yoghurt). They have great coffee and you’ll find vegan risotto on the menu after breakfast. 55-120 DKK per person. Address: Graven 24

Cafe Ganefryd – a health store and one of the first suppliers of vegan foods in Aarhus. Within the store you’ll find a bakery serving a selection of vegan focaccia, pizzas, brownies, muffins, breads, and other baked goods. They also serve a vegan dish of the day. Baked goods between 15-60 DKK. Address: Klostergade 2 

Aarhus Street Food – Many of us are accustomed to self-described “Street Food” halls being overpriced, crowded, smelly pits of disappointment. Aarhus’ Street Food Hall is none of these things. They have a plethora of different vendors offering vegan options. So far I have tried a Thai tofu curry, an Indian chickpea red curry, and a delightful vegan pita. Everything has been filling and delicious and I would recommend going with both vegans and omnivores alike as there is certainly something for everyone.  Address: Ny Banegårdsgade 46

and of course… Ice cream for dessert! Paradis is sells an amazing plant based ice cream with cherry and dark chocolate. At Aarhus Street Food you will found a great selection of popsicles! The sorbet variants are vegan and i recommend the raspberry, omg! Paradise is address: Nørregade 40

The city is very walkable and hosts the best museums in Denmark. Skip the crowds and tourists in Copenhagen and head to Aarhus.


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