Vegan Alfredo Spaghetti with Spinach


Hi Guys ❤

This is a great vegan comfort food I serve to friends who say they can’t live without cheese as it is delightfully sticky and satisfying. If you know someone on the fence keep reading! 

This recipe uses my cheese sauce (you can find the recipe here). I usually make a large batch so I can use it again in a different recipe later in the week. 

… and don’t forget that my cheese sauce basically is made out of potatoes and cashews! Healthy as f***! 😉


Thoughts on Leaving Veganism


Hi Guys ❤

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently in regard to my evolving vegan journey. A YouTuber that used to inspire me recently revealed she is no longer a vegan. The idea of reverting back to consuming fish, eggs, and meat frightens me. I acknowledge that people slip-up occasionally, but cannot see the appeal of making a conscious choice to return to such a destructive lifestyle. 

I guess the problem was the YouTuber I used to follow was vegan for health and lifestyle reasons, not to promote an anti-cruelty lifestyle. When you adopt a plant-based diet for health and lifestyle reasons you’re bound to abandon it the second you find it out of fashion or too challenging. Being vegan means that I wish to cause no harm to animals and allow them to live their lives unaffected by humans. Animals are friends, not food and not eating them is the right thing to do, not a dietary choice. 


Thoughts on Cycling and Why I Love Riding My Bike

My cousin and I biking around Vancouver Island … That was something 😉

I’m Danish and have been brought up in a culture that stresses the importance of exercise and sustainable transportation. Growing up in a flat, relatively small country has made it easy for me to bike to school, work, family gatherings, or wherever I need to be in a short period of time. Cycling is a wonderful way to get some fresh air and be alone with your thoughts all while not even realizing the exercise you’re getting! Nothing gets the day going like a leisurely ride to work, though, as a Scandinavian descended from Viking, I feel an innate pressure to venture out into all types of uninviting weather. 

As a free, calorie-burning, emission-less form of transportation, I can’t exalt the virtues of riding your bike enough. My bike will always be my main form of transportation (unless I find myself living in the Swiss Alps or Tibet- then all bets are off!)


The Vegan Snack there will satisfy your sugar cravings


I often feel like I need something sweet but just something small. Way to often i try open a package of cookies and end up eating them all – as i have no self-control. Then i tried dates filled with peanut butter. It’s the perfect snack – as i only need one or two and then is my sugar cravings completely satisfied!

It’s super easy to make – all you do is open up a date and fill it with peanut butter. If you like to changes it up a little you can also fill the date with tahini, almond butter, or even some vegan nutella.

Just a little tip for when your next sugar craving is urging.


The Best Vegan Lasagna Recipe


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a classic Italian-style lasagna! I make mine for my family on Saturday nights and everyone loves it. As it is completely vegan it is much healthier than the traditionally greasy, calorie-laden varieties found in restaurants and grocery freezer aisles. 

Find my oil free “cheese” sauce recipe here



Guides, Veganism

I love Aarhus and am fortunate enough to have family there whom I visit often. As the second biggest city in a relatively small country, it has a charming small city vibe that is conducive to small vegan shops and cafes opening up. Here’s a guide to my favorite spots- let me know if I’ve missed anything! 

Faour – The absolute best falafel in Denmark. I made a post about it here (45 DKK per wrap) Address: Klostergade 32

Kallo’s Pizza– has my favorite vegan take-away pizza. The cheese the use is very convincing and had me wondering if it was actually vegan (it is, don’t worry). 100 DKK Address: Herredsvej 2

Melone – the only 100% vegan cafe in Aarhus. They serve burgers, fries, sandwiches, and a dish of the day. I’ve tried their cheese burger, tuna-free sandwich, and chili, all which were delicious. Their burger patties were very “meaty” tasting which was a bit much for me (but my boyfriend loved it). Budget friendly at around 60-120 DKK per person.  Address: Frederiks Allé 96

Grød (meaning porridge) – is a small cafe chain (started in Copenhagen) located in Aarhus’ hipster area. They have an abundant selection of porridge options with a variety of toppings (peanut butter, dark chocolate, granola, fresh fruit, fruit compotes, and vegan yoghurt). They have great coffee and you’ll find vegan risotto on the menu after breakfast. 55-120 DKK per person. Address: Graven 24

Cafe Ganefryd – a health store and one of the first suppliers of vegan foods in Aarhus. Within the store you’ll find a bakery serving a selection of vegan focaccia, pizzas, brownies, muffins, breads, and other baked goods. They also serve a vegan dish of the day. Baked goods between 15-60 DKK. Address: Klostergade 2 

Aarhus Street Food – Many of us are accustomed to self-described “Street Food” halls being overpriced, crowded, smelly pits of disappointment. Aarhus’ Street Food Hall is none of these things. They have a plethora of different vendors offering vegan options. So far I have tried a Thai tofu curry, an Indian chickpea red curry, and a delightful vegan pita. Everything has been filling and delicious and I would recommend going with both vegans and omnivores alike as there is certainly something for everyone.  Address: Ny Banegårdsgade 46

and of course… Ice cream for dessert! Paradis is sells an amazing plant based ice cream with cherry and dark chocolate. At Aarhus Street Food you will found a great selection of popsicles! The sorbet variants are vegan and i recommend the raspberry, omg! Paradise is address: Nørregade 40

The city is very walkable and hosts the best museums in Denmark. Skip the crowds and tourists in Copenhagen and head to Aarhus.


Signs of Life from Estonia


Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry for the quietness on the blog. I have recently travelled to Estonia to meet up with my boyfriend. We have been apart for almost 2 moths, so we had a lot of catching up to do. I’m really enjoying Estonia which is an amazing country with warm hearted people, fantastic architectures, and tasty vegan food!

Tonight we are taking the night bus to Vilinius, Lithuania and I’m really exited to see what that city has to offer!

The blog will be back on track soon with a new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – I promise!


Being a Vegan in Denmark


I felt pretty alone when I started my vegan journey two years ago in Denmark. I didn’t have any vegan friends or relatives and my options in the grocery store were very limited (soy milk, low-quality tofu, veggie burgers). When I moved to Berlin I was delighted to find that they have all things vegan everywhere! Vegan grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, and much more. Now that I’m back in Denmark I’m happy to say that, although not as abundant and progressive as Berlin and The United States, we are making progress. Vegan cafes are sprouting up all over the country and many fast food chains have added a vegan option to their menu. 

Unfortunately, our collective social attitudes leave much to be desired. Most of our population is brought on a spoon-fed diet of pork, gravy, and dairy products. Although often billed as a progressive paradise by many outside nations, we are very resistant to any type of lifestyle change or to usurping our outdated traditions in any way. When I introduce myself as a vegan to someone from Denmark I am often bombarded with prejudice and ignorant questions. My boyfriend often calls Denmark the Alabama of Europe and, after numerous encounters with narrow-minded, uneducated Danes, I am somewhat inclined to agree with his sentiment. 

Not all hope is lost though! My international friends are much more supportive and my family cooks a vegan meal every night for dinner. I see big changes in the future with veganism becoming more and more mainstream. It’s only a matter of time!

(I love Denmark and the Danish people!)


Vegan Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate and Walnuts


This Banana ice cream taste amazing. The sweetness from the bananas goes perfectly with the bitter dark chocolate and the crunchy walnuts! I made this bowl the other day when I was craving sugar. It’s such a healthy meal that you can eat it for breakfast and still get a healthy start of your day! Big bonus.

I will serve this as a dessert next time I’m having guest over. It’s so simple, easy, and will be loved by non-vegans too!

Sustainable Fashion // TWOTHIRDS

1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE, 5. HERE, 6. HERE, 7. HERE

There are many reasons to boycott fast fashions companies like H&M, Monki, Only, Forever 21, ZARA etc. Horrible working conditions (sometimes child labor) and destructive, wasteful production methods in far away countries is problematic in a plethora of humanitarian and environmental ways.

Fast fashion means clothing that doesn’t last. There is nothing more wasteful than constantly buying new clothes and I try to get almost all of my outfits from thrift stores. 

There are however a few companies that focus on sustainable, vegan clothing. I like TWOTHIRDS; they use organic and recycled materials and produce everything in Europe. A lot of their clothes are vegan, which is awesome. By taking the time to invest in quality, I feel like I am saving time, money, and myself from the guilt that comes from going to H&M, etc. five times a year.