Weight Loss Wednesday // Week four – Eating Habits thoughts

I was served this vegan lentil dish on a traditional german restaurant and it tasted amazing!

I have lifestyle choices regarding food that I need to work on. I have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde relationship with food as during the week I am a paradigm of good choices but, as soon as the weekends hits, I become a ravenous monster devouring any ice cream, chips, and any other heavily saturated snack food that comes my way. 

I recently spent a weekend at a family reunion for my boyfriend’s family in Kiel, Germany. As most of us who’ve been to these type of gatherings can attest, much food and drink was served. Fortunately, though I was able to partake in a decent amount of merrymaking, I was able to somewhat control myself as most of the food served wasn’t vegan. We went to a few different restaurants where I ordered vegan entrees full of vegetables (I mean, what else are non-vegan restaurants going to serve?). Being on a somewhat of a vacation, I indulged in a few beers and desserts as well as stocking up on some vegan goodies that can only be found in German supermarkets. 

Alas, though I genuinely enjoyed my time in Kiel, I wish to be less impulsive and more cognizant about my food habits. I want to eat more slowly, listen to my body signals, and make healthier snack choices. 

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