The One Materialistic, Evil, Wasteful Company I Love


I try to spend my money buying sustainable, vegan, and local products from ethical companies. I’m very aware of my power as a consumer so I only want to support companies I can vouch for. But no one is perfect and everyone has a weakness…

When I lived in Berlin I worked for Starbucks as a barista. I had some wonderful colleagues and really enjoyed the streamlined work routine I got into while working (no one can beat Starbucks’ ordering and drink-making system!). Starbucks is somewhat vegan friendly as you can choose a variety of dairy free drinks.

I’m aware how problematic supporting a company like Starbucks is when you’re promoting veganism, zero-waste, and sustainability.  You would be correct to say that I’m promoting a double standard. What can I say- I have great memories from working there and I always feel at home whenever I see the green and white siren. They have a decent selection of drinks and hey, at least I’m not buying shares of Marlboro!

I’m going to make a vegan Starbucks guide to all the secret drinks I know! They are way better than the ones on the menu.


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