Nutritional Yeast is da Bomb


Nutritional Yeast makes it really easy to stick to a vegan diet. It’s the BEST cheese supplement I’ve found. It melts easily and has a wonderful, creamy, nutty, and well, cheesy flavour to it. I use it in pasta, sauces, or in my morning chickpea flour omelet.

Nutritional yeast is also really high in nutrition. The flakes contain B-vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, iron, and a beta.-1.3 glycan which can improve your immune system and lower your cholesterol. As a vegan, it’s really important to take B-12 supplement, as you can’t get it from plants. A lot of non-vegans are B-12 deficient as well, so it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have it in your kitchen.  

You can buy Nutritional Yeast in health stores or online here (Danish affiliate link) or here (U.S.affiliate link)


Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas


When my mornings are stressful I need my breakfast to be quick and healthy. This means oatmeal, yogurt, and toast. These simple staples are easy to spice up in a healthy way with fruit, seeds, veggies and nuts.

My favorite yogurt is Alpro’s lemon flavor. I’m addicted to all things citrus and this one has a subtle and mild sweet and sour balance (it does contain added sugar – sometimes a girl gotta live). I love a nice big bowl of yoghurt topped with bananas, oats, seeds, and walnuts.

I’ve also been a toast obsession recently. I use a neutral vegan crème cheese as a base and add spinach, cucumber, and salt.  

As vegans, we are often at a loss as to what to eat for breakfast that isn’t either raw fruits and vegetables or incredibly expensive/time consuming meals like eggs Benedict with seitan Canadian bacon.I want more people to hit that happy medium that sustains them both through the day and their vegan journey. No need getting burnt out on raw fruits or spending an hour cooking breakfast (not that there’s anything wrong with that every once in a while). Just keep it simple, quick, and satisfying with these ideas.


Thoughts on Concentrated Oils


The attentive reader may notice that I rarely use concentrated fats in my cooking. I aspire to make food choices around a plant-based philosophy, so I try to get my oil naturally from nuts, avocados, and seeds. I do occasionally eat vegan junk food (which contains high amount of oils) so I try to lower my intake of oil when I’m cooking.    

Although I don’t promote or support calorie-counting, its hard to get the little factoid “a tablespoon of olive oil contains 135 calories” out of my head. I would way rather avoid adding oils to my food if it means eating more potatoes, beans, avocados, etc. I never use it for sautéing as I’ve found that soy sauce and water do the trick just as well.

A perfect example of this is oven fries. After a month of cooking them without any oils whatsoever, I’ve really come to love and crave the unique crispiness that comes from cooking them that way.

The more I cook without oil, the less I find myself overeating. I think about how easy it is for me to eat an entire bag of chips and how that spilt over into never being able to cook anything in the pan or oven without olive oil.

Of course, fanaticism is never good and you will find concentrated oil in some of my recipes. But try to cut down on it and see what happens.


Danish Vegan Raw Bliss Balls // Original Danish favorite “Romkugle”


These are pastry balls with a pirate twists. “Romkugle”(rum-ball) is an old traditional Danish pastry made out of day-old pastries and rum essence. They are then formed into balls, dipped in chocolate, and rolled around in chocolate vermicelli. Trust me- I’ve spent years working in bakeries and the entire country of Denmark can vouch for their deliciousness!  

My teenage sister Lærke came up with a healthy vegan version. Try not to eat them all by yourself in one sitting (yes I’ve done it).

Most frequently rum essence don’t contain alcohol but look at the ingredients before you buy.


Do I Have to Get Rid of All My Non-Vegan Stuff when Adopting Veganism?

Minimalism, Veganism

When I started my vegan journey I was surprised by how much of my stuff contained animal products. There are animal products in a horrendously shocking amount of household, beauty, and personal items.

Most vegans would not go out and by leather, fur, or beauty products that have been tested on animals. However, if you’re just delving into veganism you more than likely own many non-vegan household products, beauty items, and clothing. So what should you do with all this stuff?

I don’t believe that throwing it all away does any good. It has already been purchased and, although buying vegan is better than buying animal products, nothing is better for the environment than NOT CONSUMING. While I will never again support the leather industry with my money, I feel like buying something completely new violates my sense of the spirit of veganism. Use what you have until the time comes to replace.

I have a great pair of six-year old leather Dr. Marten’s. Fortunately, when they wear out I will be able to buy a new vegan pair (yes, Dr. Marten’s makes vegan boots now!)


Lazy Vegan Stir Fry #3 – Peanut Pineapple Noodles


I never tire of using nuts and fruits in my dishes. I love the delicious spice it gives a normal dish or salad. Asian food inspires me due to its exotic flavours and significant nutritional value. I made Stir Fry for lunch earlier this week and it turned out really well.

*Tip add Asian chili sauce for a taste orgasme!

Stir-fry makes for great leftovers and is the perfect next-day meal for work or school. ENJOY


Eating Seasonal


It’s freezing, constantly dark outside, and the onlyvegetables in season are carrots and cabbage. That’s winter in Scandinavia foryou. I was raised in my household to only eat fruits and vegetables that are inseason. It’s a great way to make sure you’re not eating stuff that was grownthousands of miles away and then shipped in a giant truck or plane. Seasonalproduce is also cheaper and filled with more nutrients due to being fresher.

Eating seasonal forces me to get creative with my cookinginstead of always getting what I want. Different fruits, nuts, and saladdressings can really spice up dull winter greens like cabbage.   

I find myself more in tune with nature. I’m always lookingforward to seasons changing and buying the fresh, tasty vegetables I crave. Nothingis worse than over-paying for a sad watermelon or cucumber that tastes likewater.

I do break the rules sometimes. The Danish climate makes it nearly impossible to grow bananas, oranges, avocados, etc. I buy this stuff year round because, well, I just can’t live without it! But do try to change your vegetable purchasing habits gradually; your wallet and taste buds will thank you.