Nutritional Yeast is da Bomb


Nutritional Yeast makes it really easy to stick to a vegan diet. It’s the BEST cheese supplement I’ve found. It melts easily and has a wonderful, creamy, nutty, and well, cheesy flavour to it. I use it in pasta, sauces, or in my morning chickpea flour omelet.

Nutritional yeast is also really high in nutrition. The flakes contain B-vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, iron, and a beta.-1.3 glycan which can improve your immune system and lower your cholesterol. As a vegan, it’s really important to take B-12 supplement, as you can’t get it from plants. A lot of non-vegans are B-12 deficient as well, so it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have it in your kitchen.  

You can buy Nutritional Yeast in health stores or online here (Danish affiliate link) or here (U.S.affiliate link)


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