Thoughts on Concentrated Oils


The attentive reader may notice that I rarely use concentrated fats in my cooking. I aspire to make food choices around a plant-based philosophy, so I try to get my oil naturally from nuts, avocados, and seeds. I do occasionally eat vegan junk food (which contains high amount of oils) so I try to lower my intake of oil when I’m cooking.    

Although I don’t promote or support calorie-counting, its hard to get the little factoid “a tablespoon of olive oil contains 135 calories” out of my head. I would way rather avoid adding oils to my food if it means eating more potatoes, beans, avocados, etc. I never use it for sautéing as I’ve found that soy sauce and water do the trick just as well.

A perfect example of this is oven fries. After a month of cooking them without any oils whatsoever, I’ve really come to love and crave the unique crispiness that comes from cooking them that way.

The more I cook without oil, the less I find myself overeating. I think about how easy it is for me to eat an entire bag of chips and how that spilt over into never being able to cook anything in the pan or oven without olive oil.

Of course, fanaticism is never good and you will find concentrated oil in some of my recipes. But try to cut down on it and see what happens.


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