The BEST Falafel in Denmark


Falafel has saved my boyfriend and I from getting into so many arguments. When we feel ourselves getting on each other’s nerves, oftentimes a trip to our favorite falafel guy will de-escalate the situation and make us forget our crankiness. Moving to Denmark after living in the falafel paradise that is Berlin was difficult and disappointing in this regard. That is until we found “Faour” in Aarhus. Faour is a small restaurant (with only around four tables) that specializes in falafel and Palestinian food. It has a little but manageable menu that foreshadows the intense focus and specialization of their dishes.

As the man who prepared our falafel brought it to our table, I was already salivating over the aesthetic beauty of my wrap’s cross-section. Fresh tomatoes, mint, and tahini sauce sat in perfect ratios inside the most delicious durum bread I’ve ever tasted. The falafels were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which is perfect. The free chili sauce served was obviously homemade and not the stock variety found at just about every other falafel restaurant in Denmark.

The AKKAH falafel is vegan and they also offer Palestinian food for non-vegans. My family tried the shared plate “Gellerup Mezze”, and instantly echoed my thoughts on the quality of the food served at this place.

If you find yourself in Aarhus, visit Faour.  I have yet to visit Palestine or the Middle East, but I do know that it’s the best falafel you’ll find North of the Mediterranean.



Klostergade 32, 8000 Aarhus C

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