Why I think you should become a member of the Vegan Club


First of all, I would never force veganism on anyone. I only know a few vegans in real life, so the majority of people I’m surrounded by are non-vegans. people agree and/or sympathize with veganism but just don’t feel the need to change yet..

People adopt veganism for different reasons. Some do it for animal rights and welfare, others do it for environmental reasons, and some people just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I’m vegan for all those reasons. I can’t bring myself to see animals as products without feelings. But why not just become a vegetarian or pescetarian you may ask?

Well, dairy is what horrifies me the most. For cows to produce milk they have to give birth to a calf. The calf will be taken away from its mother immediately after its birth, just so humans can have its milk. (The calf can stay 24 hours if its organic.(Denmark Rules))

While the horrors of the dairy industry go unabated, our oceans are emptying at a remarkable speed. A study made by the Government of Canada shows that overfishing is damaging the ecosystems. When tuna is harvested, dolphins, whales, and turtles can get caught in fishermen’s nets and be left to die as collateral damage. Thinking of a creature as intelligent as a dolphin dying because of humanity’s insatiable appetite for sushi brings tears to my eyes.  

Every time I’m confronted with climate change I get this hopeless feeling in my stomach.  A study made by the University of Oxford found that committing to a vegan diet you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 73%. The same study shows that meat and dairy industry is responsible for 60 percent of agricultural greenhouse gasses and studies show cutting out animal products from your diet is far more effective than cutting down flight trips or buying an electric car.

I’m not a doctor, but I have been following the health benefits of eating a vegan diet intensely.

According to a study by the NIH, vegan doctors are using plant-based diets to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. Of course what we consume has a huge impact on our body! The health benefits of veganism are abundant and I would encourage anyone to research it on their own (a documentary on Netflix/YouTube called “What the Health” is a great starting point).

I think as 21st century consumers and citizens we have new moral responsibilities and obligations even though most of these arguments aren’t that new or radical. Still, I recognize the challenges that come with making serious lifestyle changes. But just keep in mind that a small change is still change and can eventually grow into something much bigger. So just start small and put yourself on the path towards a more compassionate and stable world and a healthier self. 

  • Study about plant based diet here:
  • Study about climate changes and vegansim here:
  • Study abut overfishing here:


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