The beginnings of my vegan journey


I have always been interested in animal rights and climate change. As a teenager I attempted vegetarianism twice but it ended up being short-lived. Two years ago my cousin and I went to see “CLIMATE PLANET”, a mixed-media exposition on climate change screened and presented within a gigantic globe in the harbor of Aarhus. I was shocked to discover how much the meat industry severely impacts the climate and accelerates global warming. After experiencing the exhibition I was ready for change.

A week later I moved to Berlin, a vegan foodie’s paradise. The city has vegan grocery stores, vegan cupcake shops, and countless vegan restaurants (with almost every regular restaurant with vegan options). After a month of being a “home vegan” (just eating vegan at home) I had lost quit a bit of weight. This was a huge motivation for me to continue the lifestyle and after making a veganism pact with a friend, I decided to go completely vegan.

In all fairness – yes- I have slipped. Some times. But it was mostly around chocolate and cake. Even with these slip-ups, I continued to call and consider myself a vegan. I found it easier to stick with when I put a label on.

The first couple years of transition are very hard. Your body is changing and so are your taste buds. On top of that you have to deal with society’s reactions. But the benefits will change your fundamentally alter your life in a positive way, so its definitely worth it!


*CLIMATE PLANET is travelling around many major European cities. If you want to know more about “CLIMATE PLANET” You can find it here:

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