First Blog Post EVER


It feels so weird writing a blog post. I’ve never seen my self as a blogger kinda girl, but here goes.

 I came up with the blog name “VeganGirlLife” because my boyfriend suggested “DanishVeganGirl”, but I don’t put that much weight on my nationality. I think “VeganGirlLife” sounds better and as a teenager I read a book called “Pige Liv” (Girl Life in Danish) and that name has always stayed with me. So even though it sounds cooler in Danish (and at 23 I would probably be categorised as an adult), I’m sticking with it.

 Besides, I really couldn’t bring myself to call the blog “VeganWomanLife”- that sounds like something gross from a ladies magazine I don’t want be associated with. So Girl Life it is!

*Just a side note, I hate being called a woman. When I’m at the grocery store and someone wants to make room for me and says “let the woman by” ggaaahhhhhhh… I hate it! I don’t feel seasoned enough to be a woman. When the time comes I’ll change the name to “Woman Life”. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that never happens.  

I like to write and be creative and I want to share my thoughts about veganism, sustainability, and how I practice these concepts in my life.

I want to explore vegan recipes, restaurants, and general tips and tricks as well as sustainable lifestyle practices like van life and minimalism.


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