Life is to Happy to Wear Uncomfortable Underwear!

Minimalism, Sustainability

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There is nothing I hate more than itchy, ill-fitting, synthetic fiber underwear. I have wasted so much money on underwear that only served to make my poor body uncomfortable. I cannot express in words how much discomfort that itchy, sweaty underwear felling leaves me with.

I want my underwear to be made out of comfortable fabric and made with sustainable, minimalist principles in mind. I’m so over leopard print, bows, and pink laces. Fortunately, I’ve discovered Organic Basics, a Danish company that produces sustainable, organic underwear made in European factories.

I had to order the Red Nude Triangle Bra as soon as I saw it. Everything is so comfortable, well-made, and affordable; a much wiser investment than the generic garbage peddled at H&M. Their men section is also great. I dream of my boyfriend in this pair of grey boxers

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pst.. If you order now you will get a free sustainable bamboo toothbrush!!


Lazy Vegan Stir Fry #2 – Super tasty Southwestern Tex-Mex plate


My boyfriend is from El Paso, Texas and has an addiction to Mexican food that he has passed on to me. I love it because it has so many different spices and utilizes fresh ingredients. This is my proudest culinary achievement so far.  

My boyfriend and I eat this at least once week. Definitely a little gem of a recipe that will leave your stomach and taste buds satisfied! Hope you enjoy!


How Street Performance Came Into my Life


I met my American boyfriend Jackson in 2017 when I was backpacking through Canada. We met in Montreal where he was making a living by performing his music in the metro. I learned that he started busking when he quit his day-job in Chicago back in 2015. He saw Montreal as a great city for busking because of its bohemian vibe and heated metro stations with dedicated performing spaces. Little did he know that I would snatch him up and bring him to Denmark!

I often keep him company while he’s performing and always have great fun. We often meet friendly people and have had wonderful experiences on the streets.

Jackson is very talented and only performs his own songs (no covers). He uses an electric guitar to accompany his incredibly sexy-voice. I would describe his music as indie, art-punk with great singing and songwriting.

It’s always great travelling with Jackson as we often go busking in new, undiscovered places. It’s a great way to get to know a city and to meet new people. Busking takes a huge amount of courage (especially doing it everyday) and I know that will benefit him as his progresses through his artistic journey and career.  

Jackson has a really special mindset and way of looking at things that really inspires me. He always believes in himself and never lets the obstacles, resistance, and negativity he faces get in his way. I’m his biggest fan (or groupie as you might call it) and I love to listen to his new songs and performance ideas. I love being on the journey with him! I just wanted to introduce this so I can write more about it in the future. We have had so many different experiences that each one probably needs its own post- so stay tuned for that.

You can find Jackson’s music here


Vegan Spinach Avocado Waffles


I made these awesome healthy and wholesome waffles the other morning. They are full of nutrition and keep you full for a long while! They are super easy to make; just whip out your waffle iron.

Spinach Avocado Waffles

Adding spinach is a great way to get some greens in the morning. They also make a great snack anytime of the day!  


Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle with Zero-Waste Habits.

My tumbler from BambooCup is super cute. Buy it here

I’m really inspired by the Zero-Waste movement. I think it brings awareness towards the consequences of our consumption. We should all be cognisant about how much plastic we use and make a serious effort to change our habits.  

Here are some useful tips:

  • ALWAYS carry a water bottle around. Plastic water bottles are horrible for the environment and although they can be recycled, they don’t always make it there. You’ll also save money by never having to pay convenient store prices just to hydrate yourself.
  • Carry around a tote bag or a foldable bag. You never know when you’ll have to shop and bringing your own bag protects the environment and your wallet. I have a little foldable fabric bag that takes up very little space. Here are some cute options.
  • Bring your own tumblers to coffee shops. If you frequently get your caffeine buzz from a cafe you can eliminate plastic waste by bringing your own consumption vessel. Keep in mind that even though many paper cups say they are recyclable, the glue used to hold together is not.
  • Bring your own cutlery everywhere (like the BattleGreenbox set I wrote about here). You’ll never have to use a plastic spork again!
  • Think about investing in a bag with lots of storage room. Why do people need a separate bag for their smartphone? The smaller the bag, the likelier you are to buy plastic bags at the store (this is easy for me to say as I’m not into popular fashion and am always carrying around my old Fjällräven backpack). Always say no to cashiers, baggers, and salesmen who try to pack your things!
  • Stop buying books and start going to the library. Going to the library is so relaxing and will leave you with a more peaceful, grounded outlook when you leave. Plus, by not buying books you’ll be saving space, money, and trees.
  • If you have to buy groceries with packaging, make sure it’s recyclable. If you have to choose between canned beans or beans in a cardboard container, go with the cardboard because it is easier to recycle.  

I hope you can use some of these tips. Share your own in the comments!  


Vegan Traditional Danish Open-faced Sandwiches with Rye Bread // #Rugbrødsmadder


We eat a lot of rye bread in Denmark. It’s really filling bread and contains lots of seeds and fibers. Most Danes top their rye bread with an assortment of meats; liver pate, sausages, salami, meatballs, etc and it can be hard to jumpstart your mind and come up with vegan replacements since discouraging imagination is a Danish national pastime. But I don’t let society tell me what to do and came up with the following ideas 😉

1 – Boiled potatoes, vegan mayonnaise, and cress. (My favourite)

2 – Vegan crème cheese and scallions. The brand I use is called “Creamy Sheese” from Bute Island Foods. It has the perfect consistency and taste. (they also have a tasty garlic version!)  

3 – Vegan “Leverpostej” (Danish liver pate). “Levevis” makes a very good creamy, smoky version called “Krydderpostej – Smørepålæg”. I often top it with vegan Danish remoulade (a creamy sauce) and fried onions.  

4 – Vegetable spread and fried eggplant. Fry the eggplant with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Use your favourite vegan vegetable spread.

Traditional Danish fare doesn’t need to be a bland, meaty, unimaginative affair. I find that replacing archaic meat toppings with creative vegan ones really spices up an otherwise boring cuisine.


Easy Breakfast for Lazy Mornings // Three Ingredient Smoothie and Avocado Toast


I made this tasty smoothie for breakfast last weekend. It only consists of three ingredients! I decided to supplement it with another one of my minimalist-foodie standbys: avocado toast. Follow the steps below for a quick and easy vegan breakfast.

It´s amazing how good these natural ingredients taste together! I recommend buying organic fruits as they have more taste and no pesticides in them.


How to Spend More Time Away From Your Phone


I think most of us can relate to the feeling of being swallowed up by our phone’s screen for hours. My boyfriend recently gave me the nickname “Phone Zombie” (he loves to self-righteously mention that he doesn’t even own a smartphone). NOT FLATTERING. I think its problematic when we get sucked into a virtual world and forget to be presence in our “real” world (no, I don’t believe we’re living in a computer simulation run by alien overlords). Below are some habits I created for myself; maybe you can find them useful too.  

  • No phones or electronics in the bedroom

My Boyfriend and I made this rule for 2019 and it has significantly cut down on our screen time. We have invested in an old-fashioned alarm clock so we don’t have to use my smartphone as an alarm (I am not going to mention the model or brand of my smartphone because major electronic companies are a problematic detriment to society and the environment and don’t want to give corporations free advertising). Its so easy to waste hours of precious sleep time by scrolling endlessly through Instagram and Facebook. After I stopped taking the phone to the bedroom I’ve found myself reading a lot more before bedtime. Reading is important to me, and doing before bed really helps me fall asleep.   

  • Clean up who you follow on Instagram

I recently did some spring-cleaning in regards to my social media accounts. I started by un-following people who weren’t inspiring me. If you’re following someone just because they’re rich and famous and want a peak into their lifestyle, maybe you should un-follow them. I’ve found that by following fewer people I’m not using Instagram as much because there just isn’t as much garbage on my feed.

  • Install an app to control how much time you use.

I try to follow a rule where I only use my phone two hours a day. I have an app called “Moment” that helps me track my self-allotted time (and overtime) per day. I always experience a nagging sense of shame whenever I go over, so it’s a great way to discipline yourself.

  • Start crocheting  (or another creative hobby)

After seeing a friend´s picture of crotchet make-up removers she made herself, I became inspired to start doing it myself. I love to do it when I’m using public transport, watching TV, or even having light conversations with friends and family.

  • Stop taking your phone to the table

Leave the phone in your bag! There is nothing more unattractive than someone texting at a restaurant or the family dinner table. It’s so rude to use your phone while you’re supposed to be having quality time with friends and loved ones. My boyfriend and I are constantly noticing when friends and family do this and it feels like we’re being robbed of human interaction.  

*When you clean up your Instagram REMEMBER TO KEEP FOLLOWING ME (unless I’m a complete inspirational failure ;))  


Lazy Vegan Stir Fry #1 – Creamy Green Pasta


I love Stir Fry. It’s quick, tasty, and let’s you get rid of your leftovers. What’s not to love? Since I moved away from home, Stir Fry has become one of my go to meals. I often cook it for lunch or whenever I’m cooking for myself.  

I always freestyle the ingredients and add whatever I find in the kitchen or freezer. This recipe I made recently was extremely filling and delicious so it’s a great starting point for those new to Stir Fry.